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World Federation of Traditional Kings

Honoring the Traditional Kings of the World
for their parental role of administration through mother tongue

Traditional Rulers Celebrated as Custodians of Peace
for their people and the local units of Administration of the Global Country of World Peace

Global Development Programs
to create affluence, cultural integrity and peace generation after generation

Maharishi’s Invitation to the Traditional Kings of the World

‘There are thousands of traditional rulers whom I consider to be the pride of all nations. These great traditional leaders have, throughout the ages, administered their kingdoms and territories with a great family love in a parental role of administration. There have been very peaceful administrations on this level of the great units of ancient civilizations and I welcome them to come together in the World Federation of Traditional Kings.’—Maharishi, addressing the traditional rulers of the world, 2000

A Royal Brotherhood of Sovereign Rulers Bringing Peace and Affluence to the Whole World Family
The World Federation of Traditional Kings is a global organization that has been founded to honor, support and fulfill the age-old parental role of administration embodied in the life of traditional leaders of the world.

The goal of the World Federation of Traditional Kings is the revival and preservation of administration through Natural Law so that cultural integrity, harmony and affluence are enjoyed on the local level, and peace—so greatly needed today—will be established for all time.

The World Federation of Traditional Kings celebrates the traditional rulers of every land— Kings, Rajas, Emirs, Sultans, Chiefs, Reys, Caciques, etc.—with the title of Traditional King to show the greatest respect for their status as Custodians of Peace in our global family. Traditional Kings are the glorious bright stars in the world for the light of peace perpetual, because in their parental role they maintain the efficient administration of society through Natural Law upholding the precious language, customs, and traditions of their people generation after generation.

The World Federation of Traditional Kings
The World Federation of Traditional Kings was established on 24 October 2000 at Maharishi University of Management in The Netherlands, under the inspiration of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and with the encouragement of traditional leaders from every continent, to bring affluence and peace on earth through the restoration of cultural integrity in the life of traditional peoples everywhere.

Maharishi, Founder of the Transcendental Meditation program and Maharishi Universities of Management, has for fifty years offered to the world his Vedic Science and Technology which presents the complete scientific knowledge of total Natural Law understood by modern science as the unified source of the infinite diversity of life that is upheld in perfect harmony on the path of evolution.

Celebrating the Vital Role of Traditional Kings in Society
It is inspiring to see that, despite the many challenges to cultural integrity today, the vital breath of the parental role of administration has been courageously maintained by traditional rulers throughout the world.

Members of the World Federation of Traditional Kings are now found in: Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, DR Congo, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Nigeria, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Korea,Tanzania, Trinidad, Tyva, United States, Venezuela, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, with numbers rising each day.

The World Federation of Traditional Kings applauds this global vision of the hereditary parental ruler who governs society like a loving father reflecting the way that Nature perfectly provides for all of creation like a caring and compassionate parent.

Administration through Natural Law to Maintain Peace in the World Family
Traditional cultures around the world recognize that Nature quietly promotes the evolution of life everywhere. All the diverse cultural values and traditions of humankind are based on the local expression of Nature in the climate and geography where people are found. It is sadly evident, however, that precious traditions, cultures, and mother tongues once so lively have been undermined by foreign influences that have distorted the natural structure of life and restricted the progress, happiness, and peace of the world.

The unfortunate threat that traditional cultures face today is a simple reflection of the dangerous trend of destruction in the world that threatens all humanity. In response to this, Maharishi has founded the Global Country of World Peace as a counterbalance to those that may promote conflict and division and destroy life in the name of creating peace.

The Global Country of World Peace presents the vision of a country without borders for all those who love peace. It is a country of unity consciousness that upholds the sovereignty of all nations, cultures, and peoples while reducing the divisive influence of nationalism and national borders that arbitrarily separate humanity from humanity.

The Global Country of World Peace can nourish and bring fulfillment to all governments everywhere because it is based on the scientific knowledge of Natural Law—the Constitution of the Universe— the holistic intelligence of Nature that maintains all of life in perfect order on the path of evolution.

The Global Country of World Peace is now offering the scientific knowledge of how to create peace though Maharishi University of World Peace that will be available in 3,000 Peace Palaces being built in the world’s largest cities. This initiative will bring the areas of administration, economy, healthcare, architecture and city planning, education, defense, and agriculture in accord with Natural Law so that everyone in society will enjoy life without problems and suffering.

Now every level of government can be on par with the Government of Nature and have prevention-oriented,problem-free administration—Automation in Administration—to promote the progress and prosperity of everyone. When government is ideal there will be no need for it to constantly change due to the dissatisfaction of any part of society.

This continuity of administration will bring stability to the life of the people and will fulfill the parental role of each ruler to nourish everyone in society, promoting unity in diversity. On the basis of greater stability each culture can adapt to new opportunities while avoiding any harmful influences on the path to progress.

It is a joy to note that in our world family every culture is the expression of Nature’s evolutionary impulse—the Will of God to promote fullness of life. As the knowledge of Natural Law is enlivened, every culture will be spontaneously nourished from within so that its traditions, language, religion and customs blossom. In this way, every culture will always remain precious to its people as the vital path to greater fulfillment in life.

Every traditional ruler is respectfully invited to be the administrative unit of the Global Country of World Peace for his area and to enjoy cultural integrity, prosperity, and progress that will create the basis for permanent peace. Thus, peace in each local area will directly contribute to peace on earth so urgently needed today.

A Global Initiative for Better Economy and Lasting World Peace
An integral part of creating a peaceful world is providing greater affluence and balance in the world economy. Therefore, the World Federation of Traditional Kings is now introducing a global development program within specific countries to help eliminate poverty so that everyone on earth may enjoy a new era of peace and affluence.

We feel concerned about the economic handicap generally experienced by traditional rulers and in this light we are constantly refining and improving our approach to removal of poverty throughout the world.

In order to alleviate the poverty that contributes to conflict in collective consciousness an international economic development project has been designed to cultivate unused lands of traditional rulers that have agricultural potential to grow organic crops that can be exported at a high profit to wealthier countries currently lacking in healthful foods. The demand for these crops is rapidly increasing throughout the world and the expertise is available to fulfill the project under our global management.

The immediate goal will be to provide greater employment at higher wages for the farmers and establish a new abundant source of revenues coming into the country that can fund new housing as well as community facilities for education, healthcare, etc. Now traditional rulers can take advantage of their own creativity to provide a higher quality of life for their beloved people

A Warm Invitation to Every Traditional Ruler
‘The Total Constitution of this Government of Natural Law is now available to us and on this platform of Total Knowledge its my very great joy to welcome all of you who are the units of the cosmic administration on earth.

‘Kings you are, holding the authority and power of Natural Law and maintaining orderly administration of society throughout the ages. That is your status, full of dignity, full of honour, full of love, full of harmony, full of peace for the whole of mankind in the long history of the world.

‘My admiration for you is absolutely unlimited because you are representing that eternal tradition of administration of the universe—administration through Natural Law—which has been very naturally handed on generation to generation to generation to generation.
‘You are the representatives of infinity, eternity, freedom, invincibility. I welcome you all to re-create a tasteful world, to create a powerful, tasteful administration on all levels of administration.

‘You have been beautifully honored in your units of administration of world peace. You are the glorious bright stars for the bright light of peace perpetual in the context of the infinite diversity of the universe. You deserve all honor.

‘I welcome you with all the words of honor and dignity and harmony and peace that I have. I welcome you with great pride to adore on the same perpetual basis which your beautiful, glorious tradition of administrators has been holding in the long history of the world.’ —Maharishi

World Federation of Traditional Kings

The World Federation of Traditional Kings was founded by Maharishi on 24 October 2000 and is a registered association in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.


International Director: Dr. Chris Crowell


The World Federation of Traditional Kings has over 300 members from more than 30 countries including:


Costa Rica
DR Congo
New Zealand
Sierra Leone
South Africa
South Korea
United States