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Enlightenment to Every Individual and Invincibility to Every Nation

The Role of Retired Persons

How to Fulfill the Most Sublime Ideals of Life and
Bring Invincibility to Every Nation Without Working

A Short Talk by
His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

A Time to Rest

It is the experience of retired persons that they dedicated their lives to the well-being of society and of the nation. All their lives, whatever their profession, they worked every day and all the time to do some service to society through their field of activity and also in their personal lives. They dedicated their energy, thought, and creativity tosupport and nourish society and to improve the quality of life in their nation. Then, after so many years of hard work and dedication, society rewards and respects them with retirement. Society says ‘Now you should rest, society will take care of you.’ The rest is well deserved. After a lifetime’s work the body now needs to rest.

But because the whole focus of life and activity was in terms of service to society, it is natural for a retired person to think ‘What can I do now, to be useful to society?’ Society does not expect activity from a retired person, but he still feels that he should do something to make a contribution to society’s welfare. All his life, he worked so manyhours a day; now what should he do?

A New Role for Retired People

This program of Invincibility to Every Nation offers a new role to all retired people. The situation is that society wants the retired person to take rest, but he still wants to do something useful and bless society. This program of Invincibility to Every Nation through Transcendental Meditation brings fulfillment to society’s desire that the retired person should rest, and also fulfills the person’s own desire that he should still do good tosociety. Our program allows the retired person to do maximum good; more than he did even when he worked ten hours a day, without working at all!

Retired people are concerned about everything that happens in society, on the individual level and on the collective level. They are concerned about all aspects of their nation. If society is not ideal they sit brooding over society’s failure. What else can they do because their bodies are tired and now society wants them to rest and to enjoy their retirement.

Society respects retired people, but when they see things going wrong in the lives of people around them, they feel sad within themselves.

Now, the program of Invincibility to Every Nation through Transcendental Meditation offers a most dignified and creative role to retired people. Retired people should practice Transcendental Meditation and bless all of society from the powerful field of pure consciousness within themselves. From that field of unbounded awareness emanates such a strong influence of creativity and goodness that all negative tendencies in society will vanish. Things will not go wrong any more, and retired persons will be able to enjoy retirement peacefully and happily.

To solve the problems experienced by individuals and radiated onto society as a whole, the awareness must be taken from the outer, chaotic area of life to the inner, quiet, serene value of life. Transcendental Meditation takes the attention to this value and enables the individual to increasingly radiate a positive influence of harmony and creativity to society. When the awareness comes out of this unbounded state of bliss, it reverberates through all of creation and blesses every element in it. It destroys negativity and promotes positivity everywhere.

By learning Transcendental Meditation, retired people can play a sublime role. They can bless not only their own society and nation, but also the entire universe. In this way they can fulfill society’s desire that they should rest, and their own aspiration that they should do good to society. The field of transcendental consciousness, which is experienced when the mind reaches a state of least excitation, is a domain of perfect orderliness and infinite correlation. It contains all possibilities and is the all-powerful home of natural law.

Ideal Behavior to Make the Nation Invincible

Individuals suffer in life because they violate the laws of nature. Intellectually it is impossible to discover all the innumerable laws of nature, but through Transcendental Meditation, the individual begins to act from the home of natural law. Therefore, he spontaneously no longer violates any of nature’s laws. The result is that he becomes an orderly influence on society, which is, after all, only a collection of individuals. Society will be as its individual citizens are. Fulfilled and healthy individuals will create an ideal society.

Through Transcendental Meditation retired people can develop their own infinite potential.They can culture their mind and body to be so strong that they enjoy perfect health. Thus, they also escape the problems associated with old age and fatigue. In addition, they will bring orderliness and coherence to national consciousness, thereby helping to create a harmonious and ideal society, and an invincible nation. That will be the quiet and very powerful blessing of retired people to society.

Thus, retired people will also fulfill their role of being examples of ideal behavior for all other sections of society. Retired people have ample time, so they should use this time profitably to fulfill their own lives and to bring fulfillment to society. By doing Transcendental Meditation they can live relaxed and rested lives, free from concern about negativity in society. Simply by their own practice of Transcendental Meditation they will be able to hold in check any negativity in the nation. By morning and evening exposure to invincibility within himself, a person can bring invincibility to his nation.

All their lives, retired people were trying to bring orderliness to society by being orderly and intelligent in their own lives and in their professions. Now our offer of Invincibility to Every Nation gives retired people the chance and responsibility of spreading orderliness in all of society, simply by taking deep rest through Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi program. Just by sitting in his own room, a retired person can bless everybody everywhere; that is the marvelous influence of the TM-Sidhi program.

In every society about five to ten per cent of the population must consist of retired people. If only one per cent of this population practices Transcendental Meditation, the lives of retired people will become ideal and the nation will become invincible.

Life is Bliss

I know that for retired people it is very difficult to change their habits. I know they have experienced life as a struggle, but I want to sweetly inform them that their experience belongs to the past. The fact is that life is an ever-growing expansion ofbliss. It was just unfortunate that in the past life was experienced as a struggle. Now we have the knowledge of Transcendental Meditation and we are in the fourth year of the Age of Enlightenment.

There was a time when there was no electricity. If at that time somebody were to stand up and say ‘Please press on that button and you will get lightand warmth’, nobody would listen to him. The listener would say ‘Don’t be stupid. I know that I have to take two big stones and hit them hard together. Then, sometimes, there is a little spark which I have to catch on a piece of cotton very quickly, or I lose it and have to start again. From the cotton I have to carefully put the spark on wood; then, with some luck, I can get fire and warmth. How can you say that just by touching that button there will be a flood of light?’

It is the same thing with invincibility. Because the knowledge of Transcendental Meditation was not available before, life was experienced as a struggle, so the possibility of bringing Invincibility to Every Nation and fulfillment to every individual may come as a surprise to some people. But I advise you not to let your past experience stand in your way, just learn Transcendental Meditation. After teaching you, the teacher will ask whether it was easy and you will say ‘Thank you, marvelous!’

You do not have to give up your ideas. Just learn Transcendental Meditation and follow your experience. Inner life is self-sufficient, serene, joyful, and laudable. If sometimes outer life is a struggle, it is because individuals violate the laws of nature. Now we have the technique of how to spontaneously stop violating the laws of nature,and how to be in total harmony with them. The result is that the experience of outer life, too, will become as wonderful as that of inner life.

So, I expect all retired people who listen to this message to immediately start structuring Invincibility to Every Nation. The whole of society will be transformed overnight.

©1978 MERU Press, Enlightenment to Every Individual and Invincibility to Every Nation, pgs.223-229

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The Role of Retired Persons