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Scientific Principles Underlying National Invincibility


The invincibility of society offered by the Global Country of World Peace is not an isolated phenomenon in nature. Throughout the physical and biological sciences principles may be located which give rise to permanence or invincibility.

What is universal is that indestructibility seems always to depend upon coherence of collective functioning.

One striking illustration is in the physics of superconductivity, whereby certain metals gain the property of infinite conductivity when the temperature is reduced to a very low level-near absolute zero.

The principles of quantum mechanics explain that states of least excitation are of necessity the most coherent and harmonious states.

The onset of superconductivity—a phase transition from a disordered to a very highly ordered state among the electrons of the metal—is an example of the generation of a very highly ordered state by means of simply reducing the activity to a sufficiently quiet level.

In this it resembles extremely closely the effect of the Transcendental Meditation technique which is to reduce the ‘mental temperature’ to a state of least excitation and maximum harmony. The state of superconductivity has many remarkable properties issuing from its high degree of coherence.

The most striking property is the great stability or invincibility of the superconducting condition. In superconductivity we find that infinite stability is structured on the basis of infinite flexibility.

This is perfectly illustrated by the phenomenon of the Meissner Effect. If a magnetic field impinges upon a sample of superconducting material from outside it, it is perfectly repelled from the interior. The mechanics of this depend upon the infinitely frictionless ease of the flow of the electrons within the superconductor.

When an external field is detected which threatens the integrity of the superconductingstate, the electrons at the surface of the sample, able to shift themselves instantaneously by virtue of completely frictionless flow, move in just such a way as to create a second magnetic field that precisely neutralizes the invading field.

The overall effect is that the invading field appears to be repelled and to flow around the outside ofthe superconductor. This phenomenon in physics is closely parallel with the phenomenon of invincibility which occurs in society as a result of practice of the Transcendental Meditation program and its advanced techniques including Yogic Flying.

These principles are not unique in nature; parallel phenomena of invincibility or indestructibility may be found in many aspects of the physical and biological sciences.

In each case, we find that a situation of invincibility is always based upon coherence of collective functioning.

The parallel to the behavior of a society is clear. When the citizens taken collectively possess coherence of national consciousness, then any foreign destructive influence will meet an immediate neutralizing effect.

This principle of life is described in the ancient Vedic Literature which states that ‘Non-killing being established, in his presence all enmities cease‘ Patanjali Yoga Sutras (II, 35).

The Global Country of  World Peace is offering every nation a systematic and scientific means to develop individual and collective consciousness for cultural integrity and national invincibility.

On this basis, the nation will find that nature will work on its behalf, enemies will not arise, and any intentions to damage it will not have to be faced.