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Religion and Culture

RELIGION is the supreme science and art of connecting back to the source of all life—investigating everywhere the omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent to discover the source of all life in the Light of God. The ideal of religion is living the Light of God in daily life, as available in the field of Total Knowledge, the field of the science and technology of Total Natural Law, the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature.

CULTURE is the joyful expression of life in Unity in the context of the localised values of Natural Law, according to the prevailing climatic and geographic conditions. Cultural values are those that culture life, upholding a right sense of values and supporting the life of everyone in the evolutionary direction.

When the collective consciousness of any nation is coherent—which means that individuals are living life in accord with Natural Law and national law—then every individual will naturally uphold his own cherished cultural traditions while embracing all that enriches national life and promotes progress.

Impervious to any negative influences from within or without, peaceful coexistence with all other nations is the natural result. 


Fulfillment of Religion—Click here to learn more

‘My Transcendental Meditation program, bringing the experience of Transcendental Consciousness, pure consciousness, nourishes all areas of life and purifies human awareness, rendering life worthy of reaching the altar of God—one’s own God—through one’s own religion.

‘Here is the key to living life in accordance with the will of God—Natural Law—and enjoying Heaven on Earth.’—Maharishi

Since time immemorial the creation of Heaven on Earth has been the highest aspiration of religions. All religions teach, however, that if Heaven is to be created on earth, it can happen only by having enough individuals whose consciousness is fully developed; that is, individuals whose consciousness is so expanded that it becomes one with the supreme intelligence of nature which permeates the whole universe and upholds all of creation.

This level of enlightenment has been expressed in the eternal Vedic literature as Aham Brahmasmi—I am the totality—and has appeared throughout time in all the literature of the world such as: ana’ l-Haqq (I am the Truth) from the Muslim tradition and I and the Father are one from the Christian tradition. It is precisely this level of enlightened consciousness that is developed so easily and systematically through Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation program.

The Transcendental Meditation is a simple, natural, and effortless mental technique practiced twice daily while sitting comfortably with eyes closed. During the practice the mind settles down until the finest mental activity is transcended and one experiences Transcendental Consciousness, the simplest form of awareness. This is the self-referral state of pure consciousness or pure subjectivity.

From the perspective of religion it is understood as the light of God in man, which is eternally lively at the unmanifest basis of all creation.

The light of God in man, pure intelligence, expresses itself through the process of self-interaction in the manifest creation and underlies all its expressions, as evidenced by the self-referral activity of DNA.

This self-referral activity of the unified field of pure intelligence, from the perspective of religion, is the will of God that gives rise to all creation and creates man ‘in the image of God’.

Good followers of every religion find the value of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation expressed in the precious scriptures of their religion.

As the practice grows, purity of consciousness increases and the words of the scriptures become more intelligible and meaningful in daily life. Furthermore, Transcendental Meditation opens to direct experience the normally hidden mechanics of nature’s functioning.

While religion establishes the relationship between man and God, Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation enlivens and purifies the relationship of man with himself and his environment.

More than 650 scientific research studies in the fields of physiology, psychology, sociology, and ecology conducted at over 300 universities and research institutes in more than 30 countries over the past 50 years have verified the wide range of benefits of Transcendental Meditation. Practice of this simple, effortless, and natural technique has been shown, among other results, to release stress, broaden comprehension, increase coherence between mind and body, develop balance in the personality, improve social behavior, and increase coherence in the environment.

Members of all faiths and cultures have experienced that Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation refines the emotions, leading to the actualization of ‘help thy neighbour‘, ‘love thy neighbour‘, and other such positive qualities of life mentioned in all religious scriptures and expected of an enlightened man.

In the light of all these benefits of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation, it is not surprising that religious leaders of all denominations have adopted this practice in their own lives and recommended it to their followers as a means of strengthening their own religion and creating Heaven on Earth.

Some expressions of appreciation of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation from the perspective of religion are presented in the sidebar of this webpage. These are offered to all sincere lovers of God who wish to enrich their religious experience, enjoy a more successful and fulfilling life, and participate in the creation of Heaven on Earth—the fulfillment of the highest aspirations of their holy scriptures.

“Heaven on Earth may be defined as the supreme quality of life everywhere in our world family. When weakness and suffering are not found anywhere, and everyone in the world enjoys real freedom in bliss and fulfillment, Heaven on Earth is going to be real for everyone and every nation.”

“Heaven on Earth on the INDIVIDUAL level will be characterized by perfect health, long life in bliss, the ability to effortlessly fulfill one’s desires, and live always in a beautiful, ever-fresh and nourishing environment.”

“Heaven on Earth on the COLLECTIVE level will be characterized by indomitable positivity, harmony, and peace on all levels of collective life – family, community, nation, and the world.”—Maharishi


The experience of transcendental consciousness, which is easily gained through Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation technique, is clearly expressed in the sacred texts of all religions and in the writings of saints of all cultures and traditions.

Throughout history this experience of the basic reality of life—pure consciousness or pure intelligence—has been the rare fortune of a few dedicated individuals. In this scientific age, however, it has become a common experience through a natural, scientific approach—Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation technique.

Here is a small offering of quotes which refer to the experience of transcendental consciousness from the perspective of religion. It should be emphasized, however, that with the scientific, systematic approach of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation technique, this experience of Transcendental Consciousness is a scientific reality available for all to enjoy, irrespective of anyone’s faith. This is because this performance is based on the principle of least action through which Natural Law operates.

Maharishi’s scientific method of imparting the experience of transcendental consciousness, which has been amply verified by research studies, has substantiated the beautiful, ancient descriptions of the experience of enlightenment and has established themon a sound platform of scientific certainty.

This scientific platform firstly adores the scriptures of all religions, proving that every religion’s highest aspirations for enlightenment are truly scientific in nature.

Secondly, God realization, or full enlightenment, can be easily gained by any individual in a very natural way without having to take recourse to any particular way of life—every car is very welcome to drive safely on a highway, to move fast and arrive at the destination.

And thirdly, the possibility has arisen that the highest aspirations of the wise throughout the ages be fulfilled in this generation: Maharishi’s Master Plan to create Heaven on Earth, enjoying endorsement from the holiest of the holy scriptures of all religions, has the authenticity of God’s will. Heaven on Earth will soon be a reality for us all—one’s own Heaven through one’s own religion.

Sanatan Dharm

‘Be without the three gunas, 0 Arjuna, freed from duality, ever firm in purity, independent of possessions, possessed of the Self.’ Bhagavad-Gita II:45

‘Again and again he brought his attention back to Ram (who was seated within his heart).’ Tulsidas Ramayan, Sundarakand, V. 3


‘Be still, and know that I am God.’ Psalm 46:11


‘Do not search in distant skies for God. In man’s own heart is He found.’ Shao Yung

‘The human mind, partaking of divinity, is an abode of the Deity, which is the Spiritual Essence. There exists no highest Deity outside the human mind.’ Shinto-Dinju


‘What the undeveloped man seeks is outside; what the advanced man seeks is himself.’


‘It is only when all outward appearances are gone that there is left that one principle of life which exists independently of all external phenomena.’ Parinirvana Sutra XXXIX


‘The kingdom of God is within you.’ Luke 17:21

‘No movement in religious life has any value unless it is also a movement inwards to the”still centre” of your existence, where Christ is.’ Pope John Paul II at Maynooth, Ireland 1 Oct. 1979.


‘And do thou (0 Reader!) bring thy Lord to remembrance in thy very soul, with humility and with reverence, without loudness in words, in the mornings and in the evenings.’ Qur’ an 7:205

All experiences are the experiences of consciousness. The structure of pure knowledge—the eternal Ved—structured in consciousness, promotes all streams of knowledge, all streams of organizing power, and all values of experience. Religions, rising and falling in the eternity of time, are truly meaningful as waves of intelligence in the one unbounded ocean of consciousness in motion. Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology rejoices in adoring the holy scriptures of all religions as specific interpretations of universal wisdom inscribed in the language of nature—the Ved—in the ocean of consciousness, and eternally available to everyone in their own self-referral Transcendental Consciousness.


Retired Citizens Can Create National Invincibility—Click here to learn more

The Global Country of World Peace offers those who have reached the age of retirement a very special role to play in society.

In the past, retired life was considered a period of little productivity or achievement. Older citizens faced greater challenges and declining health and vitality.

Now, with the application of technologies to develop consciousness, retired citizens can enjoy greater health, happiness and spiritual fulfillment. This period of less activity can become a time of great achievement based on the performance of action from the level of silence—Transcendental Consciousness—the lively home of Natural Law.

Retired people will both bless their families and communities with good fortune and guide the nation in peace and prosperity. They will be a cherished treasure of enlightenment, wisdom and creativity. The potential of life is infinite and it is now the joy of retired people of every generation to be founders of Invincibility of their nation and bright stars of peace perpetual in the world family.

An Invitation to Retired People LEARN MORE

Scientific Research on Improved Health for Senior Citizens LEARN MORE


Achieving Cultural Integrity—Click here to learn more

Culture plays a special role in the blossoming of life and creation of national invincibility. This is because culture, including language, dress, diet, customs and traditions, is the expression of the underlying intelligence of Nature that promotes growth and peace in a particular area.

Culture helps a person live in accord with Natural Law and avoid negative consequences that arise when Natural Law is violated. When collective consciousness is coherent, then Natural Law is fully lively and the nation enjoys invincibility as a by product. Even a few people practicing Consciousness-Based programs can provide the basis for all positivity in the community or nation.


Each region of the world has its own unique geographic and climatic conditions and thus its own unique Laws of Nature. The Laws of Nature unique to each geographic region form the ground on which cultural values arise.

Culture is the local expression of local impulses of Natural Law. These cultural values and traditions, grounded in the Natural Law of the land, serve to sustain and promote life in that region.

The loss of cultural integrity, therefore, does not mean merely the loss of traditional styles of dress or cultural history or even knowledge. Losing one’s culture means losing connection with the Laws of Nature that sustain it.

Cultures worldwide can be preserved, can be made invincible, by reconnecting them to their source, enlivening the ground on which they grow – by awakening the unity at the basis of diversity, the Unified Field of Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe.

This is easily accomplished by creating the Maharishi Effect – establishing coherence in each culture’s collective consciousness,strengthening the core vitality of each individual and the nation as a whole. When the unity of life is lively, diversity blossoms. Every culture, language, religion, and race will spontaneously rise to its full integrity, creating a beautiful, invincible mosaic shining with the light of unity.


When collective consciousness becomes coherent and total Natural Law lively, nations enjoy what Maharishi calls the Fundamentals of Culture – stability, adaptability, integration, purification, and growth. These qualities harmonize the ever-changing nature of progress with the non-changing nature of culture:

• With STABILITY, a culture will not be overthrown by influences from outside.

• With ADAPTABILITY, cultures can flexibly adapt to change

.• With INTEGRATION, they can absorb from outside any influences useful to theirown identity and progress.

• With PURIFICATION, cultures can eliminate values not conducive to progress.

• With GROWTH, outside influences will promote progress without damaging cultural integrity.


When national consciousness becomes coherent then cultural integrity blossoms and the nation becomes resistant to any negative influences from within or without. A nation that is incoherent is weak, given to conflicts and quarrels.

The government cannot make progress even with the best of intentions and the nation creates problems with its neighbors. A nation that is coherent is unified, self-sufficient, healthy and strong and the people do not violate the laws of nature that uphold the nation’s climatic and geographic conditions.

On this basis no negativity can overshadow the nation. Invincibility does not only mean freedom of fear from invasion and outside disturbance, it also means togetherness within and an absence of natural calamities. Nature becomes more balanced and as a result the seasons come on time, crops are plentiful and no disasters such as floods and famine take place.


The invincibility is not an isolated phenomenon in nature. Throughout the physical and biological sciences principles may be located which give rise to permanence or invincibility.

What is universal is that indestructibility seems always to depend upon coherence of collective functioning. LEARN MORE


Ensuring Social Harmony—Click here to learn more

Conflict among cultural groups in society is growing more and more each day. Governments are witnessing a fragmentation of national identity and are address the underlying causes of stress and tensions that are now manifesting into acute problems for the nation.

A simple and effective solution that any wise government or cultural leader may now adopt is now being offered by the Ministry of Religion and Culture of the Global Country of World Peace.

Governments throughout the world are grappling with the challenge of how to maintain unity in the rising diversity of their citizens. It is well recognized that the movement of ethnic and cultural groups—either within a nation or from one nation to another—has brought together differences in identity and lifestyle that overshadowing the institutions through which harmony might be maintained. Stress and tensions are bubbling up again and again to burst into conflict and violence along the divisions of culture, language, religion and traditions.

This dangerous situation is the direct result of incomplete education that does not train the brain to function holistically.

The Global Country of World Peace offers simple but profound educational technologies to develop consciousness and awaken the total potential of the brain physiology.

When the brain is fully awake and functioning coherently, the individual experiences unity in the midst of diversity. Scientific research shows that they grow more and more in the fundamental values of cultural integrity—stability, adaptability, integration, purification and growth—that promote harmony in society. Their thought and action becomes more and more in tune with the evolutionary intelligence of nature which upholds the infinite diversity of the ever-expanding universe in perfect harmony.

Such individuals will not be threatened by outside influences but will be able to maintain a personal identity in the face of differences.

On this basis, the coherent and holistic brain functioning of the individual will manifest as the coherent functioning of society that prevents any negativity from arising from within or outside the nation.

Even a small group of coherence-creating citizens can create a measurable effect of peace and harmony for the nation.

When nation is coherent it functions in a unified way. Then the richness of diversity will become a great treasure to the nation. Cultures will take from others what is most nourishing and not be negatively influenced by what may not be useful for evolution within the nation’s climate and geography.

In a coherent world, cultural traditions everywhere will support and nourish all other traditions, and cultures and religions everywhere will fulfill their purposes—to guide life to perfection and to the experience of God.


World Heritage—Click here to learn more


The intimate connection of between indigenous cultures and Natural Law is precious resource of our world family. Just as our body depends on subtle trace elements for its health, unique indigenous cultures make an important contribution to the full expression of Nature’s intelligence in world consciousness.

Indigenous cultures have been especially vulnerable to negative foreign influences and have borne a cruel history of exploitation and oppression. Today these First Nations continue to face severe challenges that threaten their very survival.

• Exposure to infectious diseases, poor healthcare, changes in diet and traditional routines have manifested in high levels of mortality and chronic disease. Diabetes and coronary disease are becoming epidemic among indigenous groups around the world.

• Geographic dislocation, pollution of the environment, and loss of homeland and resources have lead to crippling poverty. This in turn promotes greater disintegration of the cultural group—as members, often the youth, move towards urban environments for employment.

• Loss of language, family structure, and traditions combined with poor education have contributed to social ills including depression, violence, alcoholism and drug use.

All of these are these reflect a disconnection of culture with its source, the creativity and intelligence Natural Law that is expressed in the patterns of life that uphold progress and peace in a particular area.

Indigenous cultures have long recognized the importance of Natural Law and of living in tune with the evolutionary flow of Nature. Cultures have often cherished the intimate connection between individual awareness and the organizing intelligence of Nature.

The heritage of traditions, ceremonies and mother tongue have provided an important link to the cosmic intelligence which governs all of life. But today they are not experienced in their purity and effectiveness.

In our age, the Global Country of World offers a simple, universal, and effective way for indigenous cultures to reconnect themselves to the higher intelligence of Nature.

The Maharishi Technologies of Consciousness allow ever individual—of any culture or tradition—a natural way to begin to utilize more of their brain physiology so that it spontaneously reflects more of their innate creativity and intelligence.

On this basis individuals exhibit more of their own nature and on this basis the Fundamentals of Culture described above, which allow any tradition to be vital, are enlivened.

As more of their own potential is expressed, their cultural heritage becomes meaningful. Ultimately their insight into Natural Law that underlies their unique culture will become fully open to cognition as it was to those forbearers with which language, etc. originated.

Art, music, chanting, ceremonies, observances will become not matters of museum or artifact but living patterns of intelligence that promote evolution of those in the cultural group.

Consciousness-based initiatives in partnership with indigenous groups are being conducted by the Global Country of World Peace and its affiliates.

These include:

• prevention and cure of disease such as diabetes that have a particular impact on members of First Nations

• education to awaken the full brain potential so that thought and action are a full reflection of Natural Law

• promotion of local radio stations to broadcast programming in mother tongue including seasonal chanting

• recognition and support for traditional administration through the World Federation of Traditional Kings


Scientific Research Verifies the Fulfillment of Religion and Culture—Click here to learn more

The following research findings on the Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, including Yogic Flying, selected from the more than 650 research studies, are particularly significant for religion and culture. The numbers in parentheses after the finding refer to the number of the study as it is reprinted in the first six volumes of Scientific research on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme: Collected Papers (Volume 7 is in press).


Growth of Spiritual Values and Qualities Honored by Every Religion and Culture

Increased Intrinsic Spirituality—Experience of Relationship to an Absolute or Transcendence or God, and Strong Orientation Towards Higher Values in Life (Vol. 5: 395)

Greater Respect for Traditional Religious Values (Vol. 2: 138)

Greater Satisfaction with One’s Moral Worth and with One’s Relationship to God and Religion (Vol. 2: 156)

Increased Moral Maturity (Vol. 1: 91; Vol. 3: 265, 270; Vol. 4: 309)

Increased Altruism (Vol. 1: 71; Vol. 2: 138)

More Frequent Experiences of Higher States of Consciousness (Vol. 5: 397)

Growth of Experiences of Higher States of Consciousness (Vol. 1: 7, 19, 102– 104; Vol. 3: 216, 258, 284; Vol. 4: 312; Vol. 5: 395, 397)


Growth of Higher Values in Individual Life

Increased Self-Actualization: Increased Integration, Unity, and Wholeness of Personality (Vol. 1: 64, 67, 69, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, 94; Vol. 2: 139, 144, 151, 153, 155; Vol. 3: 239; Vol. 5: 395)

Greater Ability to Bring the Inner Self to Healthy Expression (Vol. 2: 141)

Greater Orientation toward Positive Values (Vol. 5: 394)

Greater Commitment to Personal Development (Vol. 2: 138)

Increased Inner-Directedness: Greater Independence and Self-Supportiveness (Vol. 1: 64, 69, 70, 72, 76, 94; Vol. 2: 139, 151, 153, 155; Vol. 3: 268)

Greater Inner Locus of Control (Vol. 1: 69; Vol. 4: 314)

Increased Self-Sufficiency (Vol. 1: 65, 77; Vol. 2: 150, 153; Vol. 3: 277, 290; Vol. 4: 308)

• Increased Autonomy and Independence (Vol. 1: 62, 71; Vol. 2: 151, 153; Vol. 5: 395)

Increased Self-Reliance (Vol. 1: 65, 77; Vol. 2: 153; Vol. 3: 277)

Increased Directedness (Vol. 5: 395)

Increased Self-Satisfaction, Increased Moral-Ethical Self, Increased Social Self (Vol. 5: 371)

Increased Self-Discipline (Vol. 4: 316)

Greater Self-Control (Vol. 1: 65, 77; Vol. 2: 153; Vol. 3: 290; Vol. 4: 308)

Enhanced Self-Concept (Vol. 2: 142, 144, 148, 156; Vol. 3: 274; Vol. 5: 371)

Enhanced Self-Regard and Self-Esteem (Vol. 1: 62, 64, 67, 69, 76, 90; Vol. 2: 139, 151, 153, 156, 158; Vol. 3: 239, 266, Vol. 5: 371)

Increased Self-Confidence and Self-Assuredness (Vol. 1: 65, 77; Vol. 2: 150, 164; Vol. 3: 261, 277, 290; Vol. 4: 308)

Enhanced Inner Well-Being (Vol. 2: 125, 147; Vol. 4: 310; Vol. 5: 395)

Increased Inner Calm and Tranquility (Vol. 1: 65, 73, 77; Vol. 2: 150; Vol. 4: 308, 316)

Increased Contentment (Vol. 1: 65, 67, 77; Vol. 2: 150; Vol. 3: 277, 290; Vol. 4: 308)

Increased Happiness (Vol. 1: 90; Vol. 2: 147, 165; Vol. 4: 308)

More Balanced Mood (Vol. 1: 65, 77; Vol. 3: 277; Vol. 4: 308)

Increased Spontaneity (Vol. 1: 64, 65, 69, 70, 76, 77; Vol. 2: 151, 153; Vol. 3: 277, 290; Vol. 4: 308, 316)

Increased Emotional Stability (Vol. 1: 65, 71, 77, 87, 93, 95; Vol. 2: 150, 153, 158; Vol. 3: 241, 273, 277, 290; Vol. 4: 308)

Increased Emotional Maturity (Vol. 1: 65, 77; Vol. 2: 150, 153, 158; Vol. 3: 290; Vol. 4: 308)

Greater Optimism (Vol. 2: 138)

High Level of Moral Atmosphere (Vol. 4: 309)

Increased Ability to Connect Past, Present, and Future Meaningfully (Vol. 1: 69, 70, 76, 94; Vol. 2: 151, 153, 155)

Decreased Behavioral Rigidity (Vol. 1: 87, 103; Vol. 3: 250; Vol. 4: 300; Vol. 5: 380)


Growth of Higher Values in Social Life—Ideal Social Behavior

Increased Ability to See Man as Essentially Good (Vol. 1: 76; Vol. 2: 153; Vol. 3: 266)

Increased Social Maturity (Vol. 2: 138; Vol. 3: 261)

Greater Sense of Social Responsibility (Vol. 2: 138, 158)

Increased Sociability (Vol. 1: 65, 73, 77; Vol. 2: 138; Vol. 3: 261, 266, 277, 290; Vol. 4: 316)

Increased Outgoingness and Tendency to Participate (Vol. 1: 73; Vol. 2: 150, 153)

Increased Capacity for Warm Interpersonal Relationships (Vol. 1: 69, 70, 73, 76, 77; Vol. 2: 149, 151, 153; Vol. 3: 277, 284, 290; Vol. 4: 316)

Increased Friendliness (Vol. 1: 65, 73, 77; Vol. 3: 277, 290)

Greater Respect for the Views of Others (Vol. 2: 164)

Improved Ability to Appreciate Others (Vol. 3: 271)

Increased Ability to Cooperate with Others (Vol. 1: 73; Vol. 2: 161, 164)

• Improved Relationships at Work and Improved Personal Relationships (Vol. 5: 399)

Decreased Tendency to Dominate (Vol. 1: 65, 77; Vol. 3: 268, 277, 290)

Increased Ability to Be Objective, Fair-Minded, and Reasonable (Vol. 4: 316)

Increased Consideration for Others (Vol. 1: 71, 73; Vol. 2: 153)

Increased Good Humor (Vol. 1: 65, 77; Vol. 3: 277, 290; Vol. 4: 308)

Increased Trust (Vol. 1: 67; Vol. 2: 138, 150)

• Increased Tolerance (Vol. 1: 62, 65; Vol. 2: 153, 164; Vol. 3: 266, 277, 290; Vol. 4: 308, 316)

Growth of a More Sympathetic, Helpful, and Caring Nature (Vol. 1: 73; Vol. 2: 153; Vol. 4: 316)

Increased Sensitivity to the Feelings of Others (Vol. 1: 73; Vol. 4: 304, 316)

• Growth of a More Tactful, Forgiving, and Agreeable Nature (Vol. 1: 73; Vol. 2: 153)

Greater Regard for Etiquette (Vol. 2: 153)

Increased Respectfulness (Vol. 1: 65, 77; Vol. 2: 164; Vol. 3: 277, 290)

Greater Satisfaction with Marriage: —Greater Adjustment (Vol. 2: 165; Vol. 4: 315) —Greater Happiness (Vol. 2: 165) —Greater Harmony (Vol. 2: 165) —Greater Closeness (Vol. 2: 165) —Greater Acceptance of One’s Spouse (Vol. 2: 165) —Greater Admiration of One’s Spouse (Vol. 2: 165) —Greater Agreement on Conduct (Vol. 2: 165) —Greater Agreement on Recreation (Vol. 2: 165)


Creation of an Ideal Society through the Maharishi Effect—Improved Quality of City, State or Provincial, National, and International Life

The following research findings demonstrate that the square root of one per cent collectively practicing the TM-Sidhi program with Yogic Flying radiate a powerful influence of coherence and harmony in collective consciousness— the Maharishi Effect—bringing life increasingly in accord with Natural Law, neutralizing negative tendencies and promoting positive trends in society as a whole.

Improved Quality of City Life

Increased Confidence and Economic Prosperity (Vol. 4: 329, Washington, DC, USA, 1981–1983)

Decreased Crime (Vol. 4: 333, Jerusalem, Israel, 1983; Vol. 5: 401, Metro Manila, Philippines, 1984–1985)

Decreased Violent Crime (Vol. 5: 402, Washington, DC, USA, 1981–1983)

Decreased Homicides (Vol. 4: 328, Washington, DC, USA, 1981–1983)

Improved Quality of City Life as Measured by an Index Comprising Data on Fires, Automobile Accidents, and Crime (Vol. 4: 333, Jerusalem, Israel, 1983)

Decreased Automobile Accidents (Vol. 4: 333, Jerusalem, Israel, 1983)

Decreased Number of Fires (Vol. 4: 333, Jerusalem, Israel, 1983)

Improved Quality of State or Provincial Life

As Measured by an Index Including Total Crime Rate, Mortality Rate, Motor Vehicle Fatality Rate, Auto Accident Rate, Unemployment Rate, Pollution, Beer Consumption Rate, and Cigarette Consumption Rate (Vol. 4: 321, and Vol. 5: 401, Rhode Island, USA, 1978)

As Measured by a Provincial and National Index Including Fetal Deaths, Other Deaths, and Crime (Vol. 5: 401, Metro Manila Region and Philippines, 1979–1981)

Decreased Crime (Vol. 4: 326, and Vol. 5: 401, Union Territory of Delhi, India, 1980–1981; Vol. 4: 334, and Vol. 5: 401: Puerto Rico, 1984)

Decreased Violent Crime (Vol. 4: 323, Massachusetts, USA, 1979)

Decreased Motor Vehicle Fatalities (Vol. 4: 323, Massachusetts, USA, 1979)

Improved Quality of National Life

As Measured by an Index Including Crime Rate, Percentage of Civil Cases Reaching Trial, Rate of Infectious Diseases, Infant Mortality Rate, Suicide Rate, Cigarette Consumption Rate, Alcohol Consumption Rate, Gross National Product per Capita, Patent Application Rate, Degrees Conferred per Capita, Divorce Rate, and Traffic Fatality Rate (Vol. 4: 332, USA, 1976– 1983)

Improved Quality of National Life as Measured by a Weekly Index of Motor Vehicle Fatalities, Homicides, and Suicides (Vol. 5: 407, USA, 1979–1985; 408, Canada, 1983–1985)

Improved Quality of National Life as Measured by Reductions of Weekly Fatalities Due to Accidents Other than Motor Vehicle Fatalities (Vol. 5: 408, Canada, 1983–1985)

Improved Quality of National Life as Measured by Improvements on a Monthly Index Including Violent Fatalities (Motor Vehicle Fatalities, Homicide, and Suicide), Cigarette Consumption, and Worker-Days Lost in Strikes (Vol. 5: 408, Canada, 1972–1986)

Improved National Economy as Measured by a Monthly Index of Inflation and Unemployment, Controlling for Changes in Major Economic Variables (Vol. 5: 403, USA and Canada, 1979–1988; 404–406, USA, 1979–1988)

Increased Confidence, Optimism, and Economic Prosperity (Vol. 4: 323, USA, 1979; 330, United Kingdom, 1982–1983; 333, Israel, 1983; 335, Lebanon, 1984)

Increased Positivity in National Mood (Vol. 4: 333, Israel, 1983)

Improved Quality of National Life as Measured by an Index Comprising Data on Crime, the National Stock Market, and National Mood (Vol. 4: 333, Israel, 1983)

Decreased Crime (Vol. 4: 325, Holland, 1979 and 1981; 333, Israel, 1983)

Decreased Violent Crime (Vol. 4: 323, USA, 1979)

• Decreased Number of Fatalities from Suicide, Homicide, and Accidents (Vol. 4: 323, USA, 1979)

Decreased Traffic Accidents with Injuries (Vol. 4: 325, Holland, 1979)

Decreased Motor Vehicle Fatalities (Vol. 4: 323, USA, 1979; 327, USA, 1982)

Decreased Air Transport Fatal Accidents (Vol. 4: 323, USA, 1979)

Improved Quality of International Life

Improvements in Domestic Affairs and International Relations for Major Trouble-Spot Countries (Vol. 4: 322, 1978)

Decreased War Intensity and War Deaths (Vol. 4: 322, Rhodesia [Zimbabwe], 1978; 333, Lebanon, 1983; 335, Lebanon, 1983-1984; Vol. 5: 410, Lebanon, 1983–1985)

Increased Progress toward Peaceful Resolution of Conflict (Vol. 4: 322, Major Trouble-Spot Countries, 1978; 335, Lebanon, 1983–1984; Vol. 5: 410, Lebanon, 1983–1985)

Increased Harmony in International Affairs (Vol. 4: 322, Worldwide, 1978; Vol. 5: 409, USA-USSR, 1985–1987)

The Global Maharishi Effect: Increased Coherence in the Entire World Consciousness through the Collective Practice of the Transcendental Meditation and its Advanced Techniques, including Yogic Flying by the Square Root of One Per Cent of the World’s Population

• Improved Quality of City, Provincial, National, and International Life during the Taste of Utopia Assembly, 17 December 1983 to 6 January 1984:

—Increased Confidence, Optimism, and Economic Prosperity as Measured by Rise of World Index of Stock Prices and Simultaneous Increase in Major Stock Market Indices (Vol. 4: 336, Worldwide; 337, Worldwide)

—More Positive, Progressive Statements and Actions of Heads of State and Greater National and International Support for Their Policies and Leadership (Vol. 4: 337, Worldwide)

—Increased Harmony in International Affairs (Vol. 4: 337, Worldwide, 1983– 1984) —Increased Progress towards Peaceful Resolution of Conflict (Vol. 4: 335, Lebanon; 337, Worldwide; Vol. 5: 410, Lebanon) —Decreased Air Traffic Fatalities (Vol. 4: 337, Worldwide)

• Improved International Relations: Reduced Conflict Globally, Reduced Terrorism, and Increase in World Index of Stock Prices, during Three Large Assemblies of Participants in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program, Including Yogic Flying (Vol. 5: 411, Worldwide, 1983–1985)