The Global Country of World Peace offers a new approach to creating lasting peace in our world family.

Only a new seed can yield a new crop. Only a new knowledge can provide a solution to the problems of conflict, poverty, disease, and imbalance that face our world family. This page provides an introduction to a practical formula to create a peaceful world utilizing the knowledge of consciousness.

The Global Country of World Peace approach to peace is:

Consciousness-Based: only by developing the the inner field of consciousness which is the very foundation of thought and action can peace be spontaneously lived in daily life. Learn more

• Correlated with the utilization of the total brain physiology—the development of consciousness is not a mood or intellectual understanding but is based on the enlivenment of the full capacity of the brain to experience greater creativity, intelligence and unity in diversity.

Correlated with profound physiological changes such as increased coherence in EEG, reduced stress, improved resistance to disease showing a more balanced and healthy style of functioning. Learn more

Verified by extensive scientific research showing an improvement in all areas of individual life—including greater harmony, productivity and happiness. Learn more

The Global Country of World Peace offers a formula for peace that allows the individual to create a Global Effect

• Development of consciousness brings the individual intelligence more in alliance with the evolutionary intelligence of Nature that upholds the infinite diversity of the universe in perfect harmony. Learn more

• Even a few individuals utilizing peace-creating technologies of consciousness can create a profound positive influence for their community, nation and world. Learn more

• Scientific research shows that even small groups of peace-creating experts (as little as the square root of one percent of the population) can quietly transform trends in society from conflict and enmity to peace and cooperation. Learn more

• Scientific theory, including advanced quantum physics, provides an understanding of how peace-creating groups can positively influence collective consciousness of society. Learn more

In summary, the Global Country of World Peace represents a new paradigm for perpetual peace that every wise leader and concerned citizen can now adopt with confidence for a new era of affluence and harmony in the family of nations.