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Maharishi’s Philosophy of World Peace

Role of Invincibility

1. Invincibility is the key to world peace.

2. Invincibility to every nation is the only ground for permanent peace in the world.

3. Lack of invincibility even in one country will render world peace fragile.

4. It must be emphasized that invincibility for every nation is the only effective means for permanent peace on earth. Lack of invincibility even in anyone nation will render world peace fragile. Therefore we have to take a holistic approach.

Need for Holistic Approach

5. The only approach that will be holistic is one that will simultaneously raise all nations to the level of invincibility.

6. Again, that approach will be holistic which will bring peace to the individual along with world peace.

Role of Natural Law

7. Just as everything in the world is basically governed by natural law , similarly all aspects of life of the individual are basically governed by natural law. Natural law is that one element which can be utilized* to influence all nations and all individuals In the world simultaneously.

8. Skillful use of natural law will establish peace on all levels* individual, national, and international.

Natural Law Maintains Eternal Peace in Nature

9. Peace is eternal in nature, because every thing in nature is progressive. Everything in nature is progressive because it moves under the direct influence of the evolutionary power of natural law.

10. If man does not violate natural law he will not generate stress around him. Stress generated by the violation of natural law causes strained trends and tendencies in the environment. This is the basic cause of all negativity, violence, terrorism, and national and international conflicts.

11. The whole population of ‘the world is violating the laws of nature because people are not trained to not violate natural law. Sickness and suffering, problems and failures in the life of all the people are signs of violation. of natural law. Education does not train the people to think and act spontaneously according to natural law.

12. As long as people in the world continue to violate the laws of nature, perfect health will be non-existent, and peace and invincibility will not be found in any nation.

Role of Perfect Health

13. Invincibility of a nation is characterized by an integrated, self-sufficient quality of collective consciousness, where all different trends of different groups in the country are supported by the evolutionary power of natural law and no group remains frustrated in the state of unaccomplishment or non-fulfilment. This will characterize perfect health of the nation. Only a perfectly healthy nation will enjoy self-sufficiency and invincibility. Invincibility is really the state of perfect health. Therefore it is obvious that peace has its basis in perfect health.

14. For perfect health, mind-body coordination of the individual and also the co-ordination of the individual with his environment and society are needed. It is fortunate for all mankind and all nations in the world today that all these different areas of perfect health are simultaneously served through the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field, the effectiveness of which has been verified by extensive scientific research§ conducted around the world during the past 17 years.

World Peace on the Ground of Perfect Health

World peace on the ground of perfect health is now going to be a reality of our scientific age. What is needed is a quick establishment of the holistic approach through the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field.

Life in Accordance with Natural Law

15. Now, with the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature, which identifies human intelligence with the cosmic intelligence on the level of the unified field of natural law, it is possible to train the people to not violate natural law and to generate a very strong influence of coherence in one place on earth.

This influence will radiate throughout the world and continue to neutralize stress in the whole world consciousness caused by continuous violation of natural law by the whole population of the world day by day. This is Maharishi’s principle of creating permanent world peace.

Peace is Based on Progress

16. Peace can be permanent only on the basis of unshakeable satisfaction. Satisfaction depends upon progress and evolution. Lack of progress at anyone level, or stagnancy of life at any one level, will create frustration, for the simple reason that the nature of life is to grow and evolve. If world peace is to be a reality, life must be lived under the direct influence of the evolutionary power of natural law. This is Maharishi’s insight into the mechanics of creating and maintaining world peace.

17. Reinforcement of evolutionary power in world consciousness is the only effective way to neutralize all kinds of negative trends in the world and maintain world consciousness on a high level of purity.

Role of Higher States of Consciousness

18. Having higher states of consciousness means that one has increasingly broad vision and comprehension and increasing ability to accomplish things.

This results from increasing purity ofconsciousness, which stimulates spontaneous use of finer levels of natural law, leading ultimately to the use of the full potential of natural law in unity consciousness, which is the highest state of consciousness.

19. Development of higher states of consciousness* is vital to establish world peace because it is the narrowness of vision and inability to accomplish one’s desires that cause uncertainties, fears, and loss of self-confidence, leading to frustration and all unwanted values in life which make life cry for peace.

20. Only individuals rising to higher states of consciousness can restructure the destiny of the nation and the world.

Perfect Means for World Peace

21. Just as world peace has its basis in the invincibility of every nation, peace of the individual has its basis in the ability to fulfil all his desires, and this ability rises spontaneously with the development of higher states of consciousness.

22. It is clear that natural law is that one effective element which can make every nation invincible and every individualcapable of accomplishing anything. Therefore it is wise to conclude that the use of natural law is the perfect means for creating world peace on a permanent basis.

Role of Governments

23. Governments have an age-old history of failure to create world peace.

24. Governments have not succeeded in creating world peace because in principle they are not competent to do so. This is no reflection on the high dignity of government, because it is always the supreme authority of the nation and deserves all respect and appreciation.

25. Government is not an independent entity. It depends upon the collective consciousness of the nation. Every government, regardless of its system, is an innocent mirror of the nation. Whatever is the quality of collective consciousness of the nation, that only can be the quality of government.

26. Government is silently governed by the collective consciousness of the people.

27. Whatever a government does, it is the doing of the collective consciousness of the nation, in the same way as anything done by the body is the doing of the mind.

28. Wherever there is violence in the collective consciousness, the governmental mood is overtaken by violence and governmental performance displays violence-a mirror can only reflect whatever falls on it.

Government Motivated by Collective Consciousness

29. Governmental activity, motivated by collective consciousness, is like the activity of a machine which is run by power. Just as a machine cannot do anything to the power, in the same way the government cannot do

anything to the quality of the collective consciousness of the nation.

30. Dependence on the collective consciousness of the nation is the unavoidable element in the nature of government.

31. The destiny of government is designed by national consciousness. The incapacity of a government to design a new destiny for the nation is evident.

32. The destiny of a nation depends upon that which is at the basis of the collective consciousness of the nation. That is the consciousness

of the individual.

Role of Collective Consciousness

33. In principle and in practice a government can only react to the situation created by the collective consciousness

34. There is no government in the world that knows how to handle the collective consciousness of a nation or of the whole world, simply because there has been no holistic concept of life, due to the lack of knowledge of the total potential of natural law.

It needed a scientific age to discover the holistic value of natural law in the unified field and to realize that basic level of creation from where everything emerges and from where everything could be controlled. Now with the knowledge of this field world peace is at hand. It is clear that world peace could not be achieved in the past because there had been no holistic knowledge to produce it.

Collective Consciousness—A Reality of All Times

35. The holistic concept of handling the collective consciousness of a nation is the most ancient Vedic concept. * When Veda went out of fashion in India, the world lost sight of this holistic concept of life.

36. The technology of handling collective consciousness was recently brought to light by Maharishi during the formulation of his Vedic science.

Government Rising to Perfection

37. The concept of collective consciousness has clarified the status of government with regard to its relationship with national consciousness, and this has provided a highway for every government now to rise to perfection and govern from the level of nature’s perfect government.

38. Maharishi’s insight into the functioning of government on the basis of collective consciousness promises to raise any nation to invincibility, and any government to self-sufficiency. On this basis it offers to create a permanent state of world peace-the perpetual sunshine of the Age of Enlightenment for all mankind.

Role of Individual Consciousness

39. The unit of collective consciousness is the consciousness of the individual. Through the individual consciousness alone can the collective consciousness be improved.

40. Improvement in the quality of consciousness of the individual is a direct way to improve the performance and achievement of the government and make the nation invincible, and finally make government competent to maintain world peace.

41. World peace, once created by individuals,can certainly be maintained spontaneously by governments.

42. The continued failure of governments to create world peace has alerted creative individuals not to place their hopes on governments for creating peace in the world. Reliance on governments for world peace is a complete waste of human concern.

Role of the Leaders and the Wealthy

43. Those individuals whose activities are global and whose personal interest is spread over different countries, it is their duty for their own pleasure and for their own survival and progress to formulate a successful plan and action for world peace, and create and maintain world peace in every generation.

44. That is why the call is being made to individuals* to join hands and soon create world peace. They can fulfil their responsibility through Maharishi’s programme to create world peace, which will bring about a new awakening of evolutionary, positive influence in world consciousness.

45. The quality of the collective consciousness of a nation depends upon those creative individuals who take upon themselves to employ large numbers of people and enjoy raising the national economy through their efforts. These creative individuals, on whom the whole population of the country depends, stand at the basis of the collective consciousness of their people.

46. These wealthy individuals, who can command the quality of the collective consciousness of the nation, rightfully have the responsibility to create and sponsor this programme for world peace, which is going to create a supreme level of positivity in world consciousness.

Need is Urgent

47. Everyone should realize that the need is urgent for today, and the need is urgent for every tomorrow. Every wise and responsible man in the world is feeling increasing pressure from the dangerous rivalry of the superpowers and the unpredictable violence of terrorism which is known to burst out at any time in any place. The need is urgent to eliminate these dark patches of ignorance from our modern civilization.

Modern Science and Ancient Vedic Science

48. The practical application of Maharishi’s philosophy of world peace is through natural law , which governs the universe and nourishes all life in the most orderly way.

49. What is encouraging is the availability of the invincible evolutionary power of natural law everywhere. Both modern science and ancient Vedic science, through their respective angles, authenticate the availability of the full creative potential of natural law at every point in creation.

Everything is possible from this level of nature. Anything can be created, anything can be transformed into any other thing, and any situation can be changed into any other situation. All this is just a matter of knowing how to function from this unified level of natural law.

50. The Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field of All the Laws of Nature is the means to raise the level of individual consciousness and collective consciousness.

51. The qualities of the unified field—self-referral,self-interacting dynamics, the spontaneous dynamical sequential symmetry breaking process of creation described by super symmetric quantum field theories,and the qualities of the unified field described by the superstring theories of modern physics-are the same as those demonstrated to be qualities of the Samhita of Rig Veda. The unified level of natural law from the platform of modern science is the same as the unified field level of natural law from the platform of Maharishi’s Vedic science. Whether we say the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field or Maharishi’s Vedic technology, the basic meaning is the same.

Peace through the Creative Power of Natural Law

52. Peace in the world has been shattered due to the knowledge and application of the destructive powers of natural law on the electronic and nuclear levels of nature’s functioning. Peace can easily be established through the knowledge and application of the creative powers of natural law which lie at more fundamental levels than the electronic and nuclear levels of nature’s functioning. And when we want world peace to last permanently, we must establish it through the knowledge and application of the most fundamental and most creative level of nature’s functioning-the unified field of all the laws of nature.

Unified Field—the Ultimate Basis of Peace

53. At any isolated level of creation natural law could be used in a creative or destructive manner according to one’s ability and desire, but the holistic value of natural law at the level of the unified field, being the source of all the laws of nature, can be used only for creative purposes. * It can never be used for destructive purposes because the quality of destruction is non-existent in the eternal continuum of the self-interacting dynamics of the unified field.

54. Because the dynamics of the unified field are self-interacting, nothing from outside can influence it. It is self-evolutionary, and anything which can identify itself with the unified field spontaneously gains the evolutionary character. When approached by human awareness, the unified field stimulates human awareness in the evolutionary direction and only in the evolutionary direction . When human awareness comes in attunement with this level of nature, all negative tendencies are spontaneously neutralized. It stands pure, fully awake within itself in the

state of the unified field of natural law.

Ten Thousand Experts

55. 10,000 experts* in the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field, practising in one place, will generate a very strong influence of positivity to purify world consciousness day by day. This will neutralize negativity prevailing in world consciousness which is the basis of all terrorism and the dangerous rivalry between the superpowers.

Glorious New Status for Every Government

56. World peace, arising from the growing purity of world consciousness, will enliven and release all the evolutionary power of natural law which is dormant in world consciousness. This will bring about the full blossoming of positivity and infinite creativity in the national consciousness of every country. With this, the governments of all countries will rise to their supreme dignity, which they have always deserved, and will enjoy self-sufficiency and freedom from limitations.

57. This clear perspective about the relationship of a government with its national consciousness and with world peace makes it clear why the governments or the heads of state, with all good intentions, have not succeeded in establishing world peace. Now is the time to create a new history of government and give a new glorious status to every sovereign government in the world by directly creating world peace through the efforts of the individual.

58. Maharishi’s programme to create world peace will enliven the evolutionary power of natural law in national consciousness and thereby raise the status of every government to the level of the government of nature.

59. Every government, functioning in full alliance with natural law, will begin to enjoy its due supreme dignity, authority, freedom, self-sufficiency, and invincibility.

Invincibility and Peace—One Reality

60. It is interesting to see that the first point of Maharishi’s Philosophy of World Peace states that invincibility of every nation is the only ground for permanent world peace, but from the conclusion of the previous point (no. 59), it is obvious that world peace is the basis of invincibility of every nation. The truth is that there is no contradiction between these two elements of the philosophy because the level of world peace and the level of invincibility are not two different levels. World peace and invincibility of every nation are two values of one level of reality the unified field of natural law. The Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field, enlivening this level of natural law in world consciousness, is going to establish world peace and invincibility of every nation simultaneously.

Supreme Philosophy of World Peace

61. What places Maharishi’s Philosophy of World Peace on the supreme level of human thought, the supreme level of wisdom, is the fact that invincibility, which has a ring of power, is enlivened on the level of peace. The result is that world peace, established on the basis of Maharishi’s philosophy, will be invincible-peace on earth will be powerful, and power on earth will be peaceful.

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