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The twelve Ministries, or departments, of the Global Country of World Peace provide the complete knowledge to eliminate problems in key areas of life.

These include: Law and Order (law, justice, criminology, and rehabilitation), Education, Health, Architecture (including design, construction, and city planning), Agriculture, Administration, Communication, Trade and Commerce, Science and Technology, Religion and Culture, Defense, and Finance and Planning (including economy).

The current Ministers are as follows:

  1. Minister of Law and Order: Maharishi Vedic Pandits (Knowledge) and Raja Luis (Action)
  2. Minister of Education: Dr. Volker Schanbacher
    • Deputy Ministers:
    • Dr. Ashley Deans
    • Dr. Michael Gallmeier
  3. Minister of Health: Rainer Picha, MD
    • Deputy Ministers:
    • Dr. Walter Moelk
    • Dr. Keith Wallace
  4. Minister of Architecture: Dr. Eike Hartmann
    • Deputy Ministers:
    • Dr. Christian Schweitzer
    • Dr. Wojtek Skalski
    • Dr. Alberto Castano
    • Dr. Jon Lipman
    • Director-General of Global Survey: Dr. Roger Audet
  5. Minister of Agriculture: Dr. John Fagan
  6. Minister of Trade and Commerce: Dr. Larry Chroman
  7. Minister of Defence: Major General (retd.) Dr. Kulwant Singh
    • Deputy Ministers: Colonel Gunter Chassé
  8. Minister of Science and Technology: Dr. John Hagelin
  9. Minister of Communication: Dr. Peter Swan
    • Deputy Minister: Dr. Steve Glickman
  10. Minister of Religion and Culture: Dr. Christopher Crowell
    • Deputy Minister: Dr. Kwesi Orgle
  11. Minister of Administration: Dr. Neil Paterson
  12. Minister of Finance and Planning: Raja Bob LoPinto
    • Deputy Minister: Dr. Markus Gerber




Maharishi International University

Maharishi International University located in Fairfield, Iowa USA has students from over 70 countries. It is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, and offers degree programs from undergraduate to PhD in the following fields:

  • Applied Arts & Sciences
  • Art, Consciousness
  • & Creative Practice
  • Ayurveda & Integrative Health
  • Business
  • Cinematic Arts, New Media & Screenwriting
  • Computer Science
  • Consciousness & Human Potential
  • Creative Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Regenerative Organic Agriculture
  • Sustainable & Regenerative Living

Visit All Programs list HERE and HERE.