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The International Foundation of Consciousness-Based Education


The International Foundation of CONSCIOUSNESS-BASED Education (IFCBE) is a registered non-profit organization, established in 2005. The Transcendental Medita-tion and TM-Sidhi programs, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, are the core technology of the Foundation’s courses and programs.

 This technology of consciousness applied in education has been proven through 50 years of experience worldwide to be uniquely effective in attaining universal educa-tional goals: Improved academic performance; increased creativity and problem-solving ability; improved health; improved relationships among students, and between students and teachers; and a harmonious school and community environment most conducive to learning and growing.

 More than 650 scientific research studies, conducted at over 300 universities in more than 30 countries over the past fifty years document the profound value of these technologies for human development. (Please see the document summarizing the education-related research.)

 As of August 2019, the program is implemented in over 800 educational institutions in 64 countries, with more than 500,000 students participating.


These include countries whose governments support use of this technology in education; and countries integrating Transcendental Meditation in their schools as part of the European Un-ion’s projects for social inclusion and tolerance. IFCBE develops curricula and courses for all levels of education, integrating the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs with principles of growth to unfold the students’ creative potential.

IFCBE also creates professional development programs for school teachers and university faculty, and guidelines for establishing the technologies of consciousness in schools and higher education institutions.

The executive members of IFCBE are experienced educators who, in addition to their administrative responsibilities, develop and teach CONSCIOUSNESS-BASED courses, and train principals and teachers internationally.

As experienced by educators, teachers, and parents worldwide over the past decades, this addition to the curriculum, which systematically expands awareness, brings depth of understanding and higher values to the students, leading them toward responsible citizenship. They gain a deeper sense of existence, a broader vision of life, grow in inner happiness and wisdom, and thereby progress towards fulfilling the highest purposes of education.

Scientific Research Findings on the TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION PROGRAM in Education

Summary of 50 years of research findings on the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi programs More than 650 scientific research studies, conducted at over 300 universities and research institutes in 30 countries.

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Three Divisions

The activities of the International Foundation of CONSCIOUSNESS-BASED Education are conducted through three divisions: (1) Higher Education; (2) Primary and Secondary Education; and (3) Distance and Continuing Education.

Higher Education

1. This division is developing a new university curriculum designed by Maharishi, whose theme is “Total Knowledge for Every Student, Invincibility for the Nation.” In these institutions students study 12 areas of knowledge—Law, Education, Health, Agriculture, Economy, Administration, Architecture and Engineering, Defense, Communication, Music and Arts, Religion and Culture, and Supreme Political Science—and the applied programs of each of these areas to raise the quality of life in society.

The special feature of this university is the holistic structure of its curriculum, which emphasizes the student’s systematic growth of consciousness; and how development of individual and collective consciousness expands one’s understanding and mastery of all 12 areas of knowledge.

2. Courses for university students, faculty, and administrators in other higher education institutions, to introduce them to CONSCIOUSNESS-BASED education in theory and practice

3. Collaboration with professionals to develop training programs in their areas, e.g., neuroscience, holistic health, natural law based architecture, science of prediction, specialized areas of education

Primary and Secondary Education

1. Courses on the study of consciousness for all school levels, including the Science of Creative Intelligence course series

2. Professional Development Program for teachers and administrators of Consciousness-Based schools

3. Manuals for administration

4. Knowledge programs for newly meditating students, faculty, and administrators

5. Administration manuals

6. Parent Knowledge Program

7. For starting a CONSCIOUSNESS-BASED school: Steps of implementation, CONSCIOUSNESS-BASED curriculum materials, faculty development programs, administration manuals, and promotional documents.

8. Steps of implementation and documents for adding the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs to existing schools

Distance and Continuing Education

1. One-day and weekend courses for ladies called “Days of Total Knowledge for Enlightenment,” whose central feature is a tape by Maharishi of special interest to ladies, including a series on cognitions of the lady seers of the Vedic tradition. The Days of Total Knowledge courses have been taught in 32 countries.

2. Distance and continuing education courses designed for ladies