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International Conference to Re-establish Vedic India

Celebrated 20-22 February, 2015

The Grand Hotel, Delhi, India

Establishing Vedic India through the Scientific Knowledge
of Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has acknowledged that in the age of globalization and modernization, when cultural diversity is under pressure, preservation of the oral tradition of Vedic chanting has great significance for the whole mankind. The oral tradition of Vedic Chanting was declared an intangible heritage for humanity.

 This International recognition of the excellence of the Vedic chanting tradition of India is of great value for the world to recognize the power of India for progress and peace in the world. Through the efforts of great Rishis and scientists, Vedic Science and Technology is now scientifically verified, systematic, reliable, and practiced by millions of people of all cultures, races, and religions of the world.

 In this year where the International Day of Yoga has been accepted by 177 nations of the world and been declared to be celebrated on the 21st June 2015 for great appreciation of Yoga from India, we see the world is ready to accept India’s great gifts.

 On this basis, the International Conference for Re-Establishing Vedic India, on February 20-22, creates a unique environment to proclaim the power of Veda and its scientific application in various aspects of life. Vedic Science and Technology can be applied to education, agriculture, construction; nearly every area of human concern could benefit greatly from the application of Veda.

 A very unique opportunity has been created through this International Conference to describe the value of Veda in modern times on the ground of science and to receive International support to allow India to be a lighthouse of peace in the world through Vedic Science and Technology.

The most distinguished Vedic Scholars, Vedic Universities, Guru Kulas, Institutes, Swamis, Saddhus, and leading scientists and technologist of India will be invited to participate in this International Conference which will be presenting a master plan for re-establishing Vedic India.