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Hazards of Modern Medicine

Leading physicians and public health officials have proclaimed the incidence of iatrogenic disease — suffering produced as a result of medical and surgical care — as being of epidemic proportions (Leape, 1994). Through numerous articles published in respected professional journals, they have drawn attention to a high heap of hazards associated with medical and surgical treatments. These hazards include side effects of medications, nosocomial (hospital acquired) infections, and medical and surgical errors.

To fully appreciate the magnitude of the problems with modern medicine, one must contemplate all of its striking failures (Starfield, 2000):

  • 225,000 deaths per year in the US from all iatrogenic causes
  • Adverse side effects of pharmaceuticals that cause more than 100,000 deaths per year
  • Medical errors that result in 3 million injuries and 44,000 to 98,000 deaths per year, including 12,000 deaths per year from unnecessary surgery
  • Nosocomial (hospital acquired) infections that kill 80,000 persons annually
  • Inability to truly cure, which results in 40% of the American population — 100 million people — suffering from serious chronic disorders
  • Failure to prevent disease and suffering by emphasizing disease care rather than prevention
  • Escalating health care costs that prohibit many from seeking health care services when needed

Unfortunately, this crisis has been largely overlooked by the news media. Therefore, the faculty of the Department of Physiology and Health have collected and stacked nearly 7000 articles to dramatize the severity of the crisis in health care and to alert the public to the sad consequences of the side effects and errors of modern therapeutics. This heap is already ten feet high, and additional articles will soon create a second heap nearly twenty feet tall.

These failings of modern medical care are documented on the following pages of this website. The information there makes the need for a new paradigm of health care abundantly clear. Fortunately, knowledge is available to make health care safe, cost-effective, and prevention-oriented and thus free mankind from the suffering associated with modern health care.

From the perspective of Maharishi Consciousness-Based Health Care, the failures of modern medicine are inevitable and result from one fundamental weakness: an isolated approach to knowledge and practice that fails to attend to the balance and integration of the physiology as a whole. In contrast, Maharishi Consciousness-Based Health Care enlivens the inner intelligence of the physiology and increases balance in the functioning of the mind and body. Through this Natural Law-based health care system, treatment of any specific part promotes the health of the whole. Maharishi Consciousness-Based Health Care is truly a new paradigm in the field of health.

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