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The Global Country of World Peace offers the complete knowledge of Natural Law to each field of life so that responsible leaders can take recourse to higher intelligence—the total Natural Law that peacefully administers the universe without a problem—to create a prevention-oriented and problem-free government.

Using the Total Brain to Engage Total Natural Law

Scientific Research has shown that human brain physiology is capable of engaging total Natural Law in the field of thought, speech and behavior of the individual. CONSCIOUSNESS-BASED programs educate and train the individuals to use their full brain potential, full creative intelligence, so that their thought, action and behavior spontaneously engage the evolutionary power of total Natural Law. On this basis, governments can now create prevention-oriented, problem-free administration for their nation.

Applying Unified Field Based Programs to Prevent Problems from Arising

The twelve Ministries, or departments, of the Global Country of World Peace provide the complete knowledge to eliminate problems in society by bringing life into accord with the total knowledge of Natural Law which perfectly administers the every expanding universe in perfect harmony.

The Ministries include: Law and Order, Education, Health, Architecture (including design, construction, and city planning), Agriculture, Administration, Communication, Trade and Commerce, Science and Technology, Religion and Culture, Defense, and Finance and Planning (including economy).

Because the Ministries are based in the knowledge of Total Natural Law and offer most profound and holistic science and technology of consciousness, the activity of any one Ministry is sufficient to bring enlightenment to the individual, invincibilty to a nation and peace perpetual to the whole world family.

The Ministries are a global resource for every level of government—as well as non-governmental organizations and private individuals—that desire the creation of an ideal quality of life for everyone, now and in every generation to come.

In the following videos, Dr. John Hagelin, world-renowned physicist, presents a clear and profound analysis of how the Maharishi Science and Technology of Consciousness can bring every area of life into alliance with the Government of Nature.

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