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The Global Country of World Peace Offers the Invincible Defense Strategy—
Establishing a National Prevention Wing of Peace-Creating Yogic Flyers to Prevent the Birth of an Enemy

The Global Country of World Peace  offers the complete knowledge of Natural Law to each field of life, including Defence, so that the leaders of the nation can take recourse to higher intelligence—total Natural Law that peacefully administers the universe without a problem—to create a national government that is prevention-oriented and problem-free, and national and international life filled with peace, good health, prosperity and fulfillment.

In the field of Defense, the Global Country of World Peace offers Maharishi’s Science and Technology of Consciousness which is an Invincible Defense Strategy. This includes establishing a Prevention Wing of Yogic Flyers in national life to create such a high level of coherence and integration in national consciousness that the nation enjoys a national armor of invincibility, impenetrable to any negativity, and the enmity of the enemy is turned into friendship, so that no enemies are born to national life, permanently preventing all terrorism and war.

The Invincible Defense Strategy provides a practical, scientifically-proven program that utilizes the holistic, evolutionary power of Natural Law at the most fundamental level of Nature’s functioning—the Unified Field of Natural Law—to create coherence in the collective consciousness of the nation, and in the family of nations as a whole.

This prevention-oriented approach to world peace creates such great integration and harmony in national life that no enemy will ever be born to the nation. It eliminates the root cause of conflicts and wars—lack of coherence due to accumulation of stress in collective consciousness—and thereby establishes a permanent state of peace and harmony for all nations.

Confirmed Failure Over Time of Existing Efforts to Create World Peace

Realistically speaking, every effort to create peace in the world has failed until now. Diplomacy, international organizations like the League of Nations and the UN—everything has failed. The proof—the long history of war in the world that continues unabated to the present.

Furthermore, throughout history many nations have tried to create peace through killing and war itself, only to find that even when they are victorious in battle, they have only aroused in their enemies a redoubled desire to fight and kill the victor—leading to ever new wars that cause anguish and destruction to the present and future generations.

It is obvious that world peace will be fragile if relationships between nations are based on man-made concepts of peace and harmony—negotiations to change the moods and whims of nations—as has been the case with the concept of the United Nations and all other well-meaning organizations.

LET US TAKE A LESSON FROM HISTORY—When negotiations and the use of arms have failed to maintain peace in the family of nations it is not wise to continue to pursue the path of failure.

Can the Present Defense Approach Save the Nation from Modern Technologies of Warfare?

Every government would be therefore wise to consider whether our existing approaches to defense—hope-filled negotiations or fear-creating destruction—are really competent to save any nation.

Can our national defense save us today from space warfare, chemical warfare, biological warfare, information warfare, warfare through genetic engineering, and any other destructive system of warfare, where the enemy is unseen?

Only an approach that can prevent the birth of an enemy offers real defense of any nation today.

Is Revenge Against One’s Enemies the Answer?

It is completely possible for any nation to take revenge against terrorists and continue to crush terrorism, month after month, and year after year, but the net result will be a chain of destruction from both sides. There is no wisdom in initiating a continuous theme of destruction in the name of protection.

If the governments think they can destroy terrorism by destroying terrorists, they should understand that any step in the direction of destruction will have destructive repercussions and will only help to create waves of destruction in turn.

Has Punishing Criminals Ever Eliminated Crime?

It is also every important to note the following historical fact: Every government has programs to punish criminals, but throughout the ages crime has never been under control. Every generation of criminals is being punished, but the emergence of new criminals is a reality generation after generation.

This does not mean that the culprits should not be punished, but it should be done in a manner so that crime does not arise any more.

Let us now in this scientific age root out the basis of all negative trends. Governmental administration can be wiser now than in previous generations.

The solution to darkness lies in bringing the light. The solution to crime, violence and conflict lies in creating an indomitable strength of harmony, positivity and coherence in world consciousness.

Two Procedures to Create a Problem-Free Society and Prevent War and Terrorism

To prevent war and terrorism, and establish a problem-free society in all the nations of the world, two procedures are available: one is a centralized program for the whole world, and the other is a localized program in different cities of all countries.

• Centralized program—to generate a powerful influence of coherence through a group of 40,000 Vedic Pandits in India practicing Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying, and performing Vedic Yagyas, to create positivity for the whole world consciousness from one place.

• Localized program—to establish coherence-creating groups of Yogic Flyers locally throughout the world. This can be easily done by: (1) introducing a period of “Peace” in the classrooms of existing schools, colleges, and universities throughout the world; (2) establishing a Peace Palace in every major city with a permanent professional peace-creating group; (3) creating a Prevention Wing in the military or any other branch of national life.

The coherence created in the collective consciousness of the world by these different groups will bring invincibility to every government, and permanent peace to the world.

The Discovery of the Unified Field

The most fundamental level of Natural Law is the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature, as recently discovered by Superstring Theory. This is the unified quantum field: the complete unification of all the different quantum fields—electro-magnetic, strong, weak, and gravitational. All phenomena in nature are generated sequentially from the self-interacting or self-referral dynamics of the Unified Field—like the silent depths of the ocean giving rise to currents and waves.

The Unified Field is a field of complete self-referral dynamism. Since self-referral is the characteristic quality of consciousness, and since the Unified Field of Natural Law is a completely self-referral field, it is natural to conclude that the unmanifest, quantum-mechanical Unified Field of Natural Law is identical with the field of consciousness in its pure, self-referral state. The self-referral state of consciousness, Transcendental Consciousness, or pure consciousness, is a state in which consciousness knows itself in a completely self-sufficient manner.

The Maharishi Technologies of Consciousness—the Technology of the Unified Field

Since the Unified Field of Natural Law has been identified as the field of self-referral consciousness, it should be possible to directly access the Unified Field through a technology of consciousness. Indeed, the technology of consciousness to access the Unified Field is provided by the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field that comprises the Maharishi Transcendental Meditation program and advanced programs such as the TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying.

The direct experience and utilization of the Unified Field of Natural Law through the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field enlivens the holistic, evolutionary qualities of the Unified Field such as peace, unification, harmony, and coherence—on the physiological, psychological, and sociological levels. Mind, body, behavior, and society improve, as documented by a large body of scientific research showing results such as increased intelligence and creativity, improved health, reduced medical costs, decreased anxiety, and reductions in crime, accidents, conflict and war, especially when these technologies are practiced in a group.

Over 650 scientific research studies, conducted at more than 300 universities and research institutions in over 30 countries, validate the wide-ranging benefits of Maharishi Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying. These studies have been published in major scientific journals, and presented at scientific conferences throughout the world.

Previous Defense Approaches Outmoded

With this knowledge and technology of the Unified Field now available to governments, all previous approaches to defense and to the prevention of problems are old-fashioned and outmoded.

Governments who follow these old and failed approaches are basing their administration on yesterday’s science that did not understand the Unified Field of Natural Law, nor how to apply it to nourish national life.

Scientific Formulas to Create Coherence and Harmony—the Key Principle to Prevent the Birth of an Enemy

Conflicts are based on the lack of harmony, either on the international or national level. Lack of harmony in the family of nations results in wars and conflicts between nations; lack of harmony within the nation results in internal conflicts, such as civil war or conflicts between different opposing groups.

Therefore, a most important aspect of invincibility is to create harmony in society, or, in terms of modern science, to create coherence in collective functioning. Securing perfect harmony within the family of nations results in absence of any enmity, and therefore the elimination of the root cause of hostile military attacks towards any nation.

But how to create coherence in collective functioning?

The Maharishi Technologies of Consciousness, by directly enlivening the Unified Field of Natural Law in individual and collective consciousness create coherence in collective consciousness—integration and harmony in national consciousness that will prevent the birth of an enemy to national life.

Maharishi’s Technologies of Consciousness—the Technologies to Create Lasting World Peace

Maharishi’s Technologies of Consciousness—Transcendental Meditation and its advanced programs such as the TM-Sidhi Program, including Yogic Flying—have succeeded in fathoming the total subjective field of consciousness—the field of Atma, the Self of every individual.

The experience and utilization of the field of pure consciousness—which has been identified as the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature—enliven the holistic, evolutionary qualities of the Unified Field in all areas of individual and collective life.

This expresses itself in profound benefits for the individual—such as increased intelligence and creativity, better health, decreased anxiety, increased self-actualization, better job performance, etc.—and thereby makes the individual successful in all avenues of life.

Moreover, on the collective level this expresses itself in increased coherence and harmony in the family of nations, as measured for example by reduction of domestic and international conflict. Maharishi’s Technologies of Consciousness are the only proven and effective means to establish and secure lasting World Peace.

Technology to Enliven Total Brain Functioning

One of the most important research findings on the Maharishi Technologies of Consciousness is that this technology is capable of enlivening the total functioning of the brain, which results in integration among all parts of the brain. This finding is important for a comprehensive approach to world peace, because a real state of peace requires holistic, integrated functioning not only at the collective level of society, but also at the level of the individual, which is the basic unit of society.

Research in developmental neurophysiology has found that specific types of experience are necessary for the corresponding areas of the brain to develop. For total brain functioning to develop, the specific experience of self-referral consciousness—unbounded awareness—is required, which is easily gained during Transcendental Meditation.

Research demonstrates that during Transcendental Meditation the latent reserves of the brain are enlivened, which indicates increased use of the brain’s total functioning. In contrast to this holistic effect of Transcendental Meditation on the brain, specific mental activities such as reading, speaking, memorizing, etc., activate only specific, isolated brain areas.

Increased Coherence for More Effective Brain Functioning

Research also shows that during the experience of Transcendental Consciousness there is increased coherence or orderliness of brain functioning measured at all areas of the brain and at all EEG frequencies of brain activity. EEG coherence is maximum during the practice of Yogic Flying, at the moment the body lifts off the ground.

Coherence, or integration, of brain functioning has been found to correlate with a wide range of mental abilities, including creativity, efficiency of learning, verbal intelligence, principled moral reasoning, better mental health, higher academic performance, and greater neurological efficiency.

This shows that the Maharishi Technologies of Consciousness are capable of producing coherent, integrated brain functioning, in which different parts of the brain perform in harmony with each other.

Maharishi Effect—the Field Effect of Consciousness—Creating Coherence and Harmony at the Collective Level of a Nation

When large groups practice the Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying together in one place, the holistic, evolutionary qualities of the Unified Field become enlivened in the whole society.

As we have seen, this results in increased coherence, or harmony, in collective consciousness, which expresses itself in increased positive trends in national and international life, including decreased crime rate, decreased traffic fatalities, improved economic trends, reduced conflict and warmer relations between nations. In the scientific literature this effect of coherence at the collective level of society is called the Maharishi Effect.

Quantum physicists have given the theoretical explanation of the Maharishi Effect—that it is a Field Effect of consciousness at the level of the Unified Field of Natural Law.

A repeated, well-documented finding on the Maharishi Effect with reference to defense is that this Field Effect of consciousness reduces violence, hostile actions, intensity of war, and war fatalities in regions of military conflict. In this way the Maharishi Effect is a powerful tool for conflict resolution—turning enemies into friends—and securing lasting peace.

The principle through which the Maharishi Effect resolves and prevents military conflicts is parallel to the principle of the Meissner Effect in quantum physics. In the Meissner Effect, the inner coherence (i.e., harmony) within the superconductor is the main cause for maintaining an impenetrable defense against an external magnetic field.

In the same way, in the case of the Maharishi Effect, a group of Yogic Flyers generates coherence, or harmony, in the collective consciousness of the nation, and thereby makes the nation invincible against negative, hostile influences. In this way, coherence within the nation through the Maharishi Effect establishes an impenetrable national armor of invincibility for the nation. This is the key to establish invincibility for every nation. (See Appendix One for further examples of invincible functioning of coherent physical systems in quantum physics, and in other scientific disciplines.)

Scientific Research on the Maharishi Effect

More than 50 replications including 25 studies published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals or conference proceedings verify the unique effect and wide-ranging benefits to the nation produced by the Maharishi Effect. These studies have used the most rigorous research methods and evaluation procedures available in the social sciences, including time series analysis, which controls for weekly and seasonal cycles or trends in social data.

The research confirms that the group practice of Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying, by as little as the square root of one per cent of the society is sufficient to create an immediate change towards harmony and positivity in the whole society. This sudden shift to more coherent or harmonious functioning of society is analogous to the phase transitions towards coherent collective functioning in physical systems.

Increased Coherence Within the Nation: Decreased Regional and International Conflict

Research shows that the influence of coherence created by the Maharishi Effect can be measured on both national and international levels. Increased coherence within the nation expresses itself in improved national harmony and well-being. In addition, this internal coherence and harmony generates an influence that extends beyond the nation’s borders, expressing itself in improved international relations and reduced international conflicts.

Studies on the Maharishi Effect demonstrate that the rate of crime and violence within society drops significantly immediately after a group of experts in Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation-Sidhi Program—exceeding the square root of one per cent of the population—is assembled for twice-daily practice. This effect has been demonstrated repeatedly in countries around the world.

Economic indicators also improve, as measured by such variables as reduced inflation and unemployment; and quality of life improves, as measured by overall indices that include many social variables.

The Maharishi Effect has consistently been found by scientific research to reduce conflict and violence on the regional and international levels, including significant reduction of hostile acts, an increase in cooperative events, and significant decreases in war intensity and war fatalities.

Maharishi Effect on the Global Scale

During periods in the 1980’s when the size of a group of Yogic Flyers in the United States exceeded approximately the square root of one per cent of the country’s population, the positivity of relations between the United States and the USSR increased significantly.

Research studies have also repeatedly confirmed the Maharishi Effect on a global scale. For example, during assemblies of ten days to three weeks in which the number of TM-Sidhi Program Yogic Flyers approached or exceeded the square root of one percent of the world’s population—at that time about 7,000 people—global social trends improved immediately, including improved international relations as measured by reduced international conflict, and reduced incidence of terrorism.

In fact, in the late 1980’s in India when there were 7,000 Vedic Pandit students practicing Yogic Flying together, and three powerful Vedic Yagyas for peace were being performed daily at Maharishi Nagar near Delhi, the Cold War came to an end, the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union dissolved, and there was a massive reduction in armaments, including weapons of mass destruction. Unfortunately, without proper financial support this group could not be maintained, and the momentum for world peace was lost.

Only a New Seed Yields a New Crop

Only a new philosophy and new efforts based on new knowledge will fulfill the age-old dream of the wise for prevention of war, and maintenance of world peace on a permanent basis.

The Global Country of World Peace offers to the defense departments of every nation today peace-creating knowledge that has been scientifically proven to work.

A wise retaliation against war and terrorism will be to take a step that will completely root out terrorism forever—and this will be by creating a very strong influence of coherence in world consciousness so that negative trends do not arise.

The Global Country of World Peace is equipped with the knowledge and experience of that total Natural Law which invincibly governs the infinite diversity of the ever-expanding universe. Through this knowledge your government can create an indomitable influence of positivity and harmony in world consciousness, using the latest theories and technologies of modern science, supported by the ancient Vedic Literature.

CONSCIOUSNESS-BASED Universities, Colleges and Schools Creating Peace in National Consciousness

Students comprise approximately one quarter of the whole population. Under the direction of the government, all universities, colleges and schools could easily become consciousness-based schools that unfold the total potential of the brain of every student, so that they rise as peaceful, harmonious successful citizens, living in accord with Natural Law, without problems and mistakes.

It is easy to do. Schools institute one daily class period for peace, dedicated to giving all these thousands and thousands of young students the practical experience and knowledge of their own pure, silent field of inner peace—Transcendental Consciousness—through the practice of the Technologies of Consciousness, including Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying. These technologies have been found scientifically to develop the total brain functioning, and unfold higher states of consciousness where every student is filled with peace and bliss, and enjoys the support of Natural Law so that they are successful and fulfilled. A society of such peaceful, harmonious students will be a peaceful, integrated society in which problems will simply not arise.

Furthermore the daily practice of the Technologies of Consciousness will mean thousands or hundreds of thousands of students enjoying maximum brain wave coherence throughout the nation which in turn will create such powerful coherence in national consciousness that the world will be filled with peace, and will be Heaven for all times in the future.

Scientific research shows that wherever groups of students have practiced these technologies to develop their total brain potential crime rates drop, accidents and sickness are less, and violent conflicts calm down. (Refer to the over 650 scientific studies on the effects of Transcendental Meditation from more than 300 universities and research institutes in over 30 countries, published in more than 100 different scientific journals, including many studies funded by the National Institutes of Health of the US.)

Easy to Establish a Prevention Wing of Yogic Flyers

Any government can easily establish a Prevention Wing of Yogic Flyers in national life—either in the military or in any other area of society.

In the military, even 1-3% of the total force practicing Yogic Flying in a group each morning and evening will be sufficient to make national consciousness highly coherent—so integrated in fact that the enmity of any enemy to the nation will transformed into friendship, and the birth of any future enemy will be prevented.

The existing military training to defend the country by destructive means may continue uninterrupted. Just 1-3% of the military undergoing this special training and daily exercise of Yogic Flying as part of their military duty will make the nation invincible.

This is real defense, where the nation enjoys victory before war, and never has to fight. The young people of the nation do not have to die for their country, or kill others on behalf of their country.

Killing Is a Sin

Killing is a sin. And since killing is a sin, a defense policy that requires soldiers to kill, leads the nation into sin, and to the gates of hell.

Furthermore, since the eternal Law of Nature is ‘as you sow so shall ye reap’, then when defense policy is based on killing the enemy, inevitably in time the killers are in turn killed, leading to an endless cycle of mutual violence.

Defense through arms is suicidal, and weighs heavily on the national budget and precious human life.

A PREVENTION WING of Yogic Flyers is a Peaceful Means of Defense

A PREVENTION WING in the military, or in colleges and schools, or in business, or in the civil service, can truly defend the nation from any future attack in a completely peaceful manner, and create a bright, peaceful future for the whole nation free from all fear.

In addition, by constructing a Peace Palace in every city, each with its own creating-coherence group of Yogic Flyers, the government can quickly secure a peaceful harmonious atmosphere in each city and in the country as a whole, which will save the nation from the birth of any enemy to national life.

The principle of defense for all times is expressed in the Vedic saying: Heyam Duhkham Anagatam—avert the danger that has not yet come.

The Global Approach: Establish One Group of 40,000 Permanent, Professional Peace Creators Supported in Perpetuity by a $1 Billion Endowment Fund

It is not only important that your nation becomes a country of peace, and invincible—all nations must become peaceful and invincible for your nation to be completely secure. Just as a single thorn can throw off the functioning of the whole body, one nation filled with conflict and violence can disturb the peace of the whole family of nations.

For this reason it is important that the nations of the world endow a group of 40,000 Yogic Flying Vedic Pandits in India to be a lighthouse to fill every corner of the world with the light of peace and harmony, so that negativity will no longer rise anywhere on earth. It has been found scientifically that even the square root of one per cent of the world’s population (approximately 8,000 people) practicing these technologies creates an immediate global effect of peace and harmony. (See Global Peace Initiative and Global Endowment for World Peace.)

But for a safety factor, the proposal is to have five times this number—just as an engineer builds a bridge to bear several times the expected load. It will also be advisable in time to create a peace-creating group of 8,000 in each continent as an additional safety factor.

It is estimated because of the low cost of living in India that the interest from an endowment fund of $1 billion would support such a group of 40,000 Yogic Flying Vedic Pandits, generation after generation. For the governments of the world who collectively spend $800 billion on defense every year, $1 billion is an insignificant sum, and the wisest investment in the future of the world that they could ever make.

The Invincible Defense Strategy is Both Ultra Modern, and Ancient and Eternal

The Global Country of World Peace Invincible Defense Strategy is both ultra modern, and ancient and eternal.

The group of 40,000 Vedic Pandits will create coherence in world consciousness by practicing Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying, and also perform special Vedic Procedures called Yagyas to enliven the holistic qualities of the Unified Field of Natural Law. They will create a strong influence of positivity, harmony, and integration in world consciousness, which will not allow the eruption of negative trends in the world, and will spontaneously result in a lasting state of peace and happiness in the world for all future time.

In our scientific age government leaders should be wiser than the administrators of past ages. They should be able to establish a highly integrated world consciousness where no negative trends could arise. It is obvious that if defense is to be meaningful, the only successful measure will be to DO SOMETHING to disallow the birth of an enemy to any nation anywhere on earth now and for all times in the future.

The Creating Coherence Program Is Effective in Prevention and Easy to Adopt

The Global Country of World Peace program of creating coherence by developing higher consciousness in everyone is natural and therefore easy to adopt.

With these two approaches—a global approach of establishing a permanent group of 40,000 Vedic Pandits in India, and a national approach of creating coherence groups in the Peace Palaces in every city, in all schools, and in Prevention Wings of national life—our objective of prevention-oriented administration will be achieved, and all future generations will enjoy problem-free living.

The Global Country of World Peace programs for society are like the preventive agencies in the human physiology that create white blood cells and free radical scavengers to eliminate any negative trend in the body at its root.

This is the prevention-oriented administration policy of the Global Country of World Peace—prevention of problems of all kinds through education of total Natural Law. There is no other program whatsoever in the world that has been found scientifically to produce this result.

Einstein said that insanity could be defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. In the field of defense Ministers and generals may have repeated the same failed approaches because they knew of no alternative.

Now there is a proven, peaceful alternative. It would be a crime against national life, and a failure of governmental responsibility not to implement it.

The Global Country of World Peace is in possession of a very grand and powerful procedure to eliminate the root of all negativity, including war and terrorism. Therefore we have formulated a global approach at the very right time. Every Minister responsible for the defense of the nation should adopt this very effective program to establish a prevention-oriented and problem-free government, and create a peaceful, problem-free world.

When a nation creates an integrated, harmonious national consciousness through schools that create coherence in collective consciousness, and a PREVENTION WING of Yogic Flyers in national life, the government will be delighted to see that conflicts and violence drop inside the nation, and enemies of the nation are turned into friends.

This will be a more intelligent choice of the government for a graceful, peaceful defense. The government will find that not only war and terrorism will be prevented, but other problems also will simply not appear in national life. This will mean the government has achieved a new level of efficiency in administration, and fulfilled the ideal for every government—a prevention-oriented and problem-free administration.

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Scientific Research on Defence

Prevent the Birth of an Enemy


“In this time of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism conventional defense cannot really protect the nation.

“A new, CONSCIOUSNESS-BASED approach is necessary to change the enemy into a friend and to prevent the rise of any hostility within the country and from outside.

“A group of Yogic Flyers in the armed forces, or any other area of society – universities or schools – can create a strong coherent, integrated and invincible national consciousness.

“This is the only defence which renders the nation invincible."
– Col. (retd.) Gunter Chassé,
German Armed Forces