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Maharishi Tower of Invincibility


Every Government Can Take the Lead in Establishing Permanent World Peace

In the spirit of the time, every government and every civic leader is invited take the opportunity to achieve permanent world peace by building a Maharishi Tower of Invincibility in the capital city. The Maharishi Tower of Invincibility can be built from the government budget, or on the basis of World Peace Bonds the government may issue to the public.

The government may also decide to inspire the Chambers of Commerce or organizations of the intelligentsia of the nation to participate in the construction of the Maharishi Tower of Invincibility, which can easily be organized as a profit-making venture.

Each Maharishi Tower of Invincibility Has a Permanent, Professional Group of Peace-Creating Experts

Each Maharishi Tower of Invincibility will include state of the art exhibitions displaying Total Knowledge of Natural Law and programs to bring fulfillment to the administration of all areas of life. Associated with the Tower of Invincibility will be a CONSCIOUSNESS-BASED university, college or school whose students, in addition to following a standard curriculum of study, will be trained as peace-creating experts who will generate coherence in collective consciousness, reducing crime and violence, and transforming the atmosphere in the direction of peace, harmony and economic progress.

These student groups will produce such a powerful influence of positivity and harmony in national consciousness that negative trends and wrong behavior will no longer arise in society. This will create an integrated national consciousness, providing a prevention-oriented and problem-free administration. This will develop the nation as a unit of world peace in the family of nations.

Structure of Total Knowledge—The Pride of the Nation

The Maharishi Tower of Invincibility will be a grand twelve-story structure containing exhibitions that will present the application of Total Knowledge of Natural Law to bring fulfilment to all areas of life.

State-of-the-art interactive electronic displays will create a lively, entertaining and informative experience for all who visit. At the base of the Tower will be a welcome centre with lecture hall, restaurant, and gift shop. On the top level will be a planetarium to display the relationship between the individual and the cosmos, and their common basis in the Unified Field of Natural Law, the field of Invincibility.

As visitors go through each level of the Tower, they will learn about Maharishi’s knowledge and programmes in twelve main areas of society to bring perfection and fulfilment to the life of every individual, family and nation: Law, Education, Health, Agriculture, Economics, Administration, Architecture and Engineering, Defence, Communication, Music and Arts, Religion and Culture, and Supreme Political Science.

These twelve fields of knowledge, restored to completeness in this age by Maharishi, are the basis to secure Invincibility for the individual and society for all time, disallowing any weakness in the country and maintaining a high degree of positivity and coherence in national consciousness.

The Tower will be associated with a Maharishi Invincibility University, College, or Schools, for the study and practice of all aspects of Total Knowledge. As part of their curriculum the students of these educational institutions will will be trained in Maharishi’s Technologies of Consciousness.

Their twice daily group practice of Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, including Yogic Flying, will create a powerful influence of coherence, peace and harmony in the nation that will disallow negative trends from arising. This will be the basis of permanent invincibility for the nation, generation after generation.