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The Global Union of Scientists for Peace (GUSP) was founded in July 2005 in response to the failure of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference held in New York that year. The mission of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace is: • to stop the growing threat of nuclear proliferation and nuclear war; • to resist the global rise of other weapons of mass destruction and; • to promote the adoption of safe, scientifically proven technologies for national security and global peace. Dr. John Hagelin, the founder and international director of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace, is a world-renowned quantum physicist, educator, public policy expert, and leading proponent of peace. Under his leadership, the Global Union is bringing together scientists from around the world who have been promoting peace, nuclear disarmament, and nonviolent conflict resolution. The Global Union invites scientists in every country to contribute their ideas, initiatives, and expertise in order to promote national and international peace (see nominations). The Global Union especially supports scientifically field-tested approaches to peace that can be easily implemented to create the effect of peace immediately.

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Nominations We welcome your nominations of top scientists who are leading proponents of peace in your nation. Please email the Global Union international offices at, and we will be happy to consider your nominee for a position with the Global Union. Please include in your email the scientist’s current occupation, recent scientific and/or peace-related achievements, and contact information, if known, and indicate whether you are in a collegial position to communicate directly with your nominee about joining the Global Union. Also, if you or any of your scientist colleagues would be interested in joining the GUSP Board of Advisors in your nation and feel that you may have the scientific and/or administrative qualifications to participate, please email us your information as well. We welcome your support and interest.

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Background Global Union of Scientists for Peace

The first international conference of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace was held in January 2006 and brought together GUSP presidents from many countries around the world. Addressing the international conference at the Maurya Sheraton Towers in New Delhi, Dr. Hagelin presented the cutting-edge scientific principles underlying the Invincible Defense Technology—an effective, field-tested approach to peace advocated by the Global Union. These principles include the discovery by modern physics of the “unified field”—the field of universal intelligence at the basis of mind and matter, and the source of all the order displayed throughout the vast cosmos;the capacity of human awareness to directly experience and harness this unified field through powerful, ancient technologies of consciousness, including the Transcendental Meditation program and its advanced techniques; the profound impact of these technologies on individual brain development; the non-localized field effects of these technologies of consciousness; and how groups of peace-creating experts practicing these technologies together can create measurable positive impacts on social trends, thereby creating a practical foundation for lasting world peace. A follow-up international Global Union press conference held on November 1, 2006, presented initial research findings on the social impact of one such large peace-creating project—the Invincible America Assembly in the United States (see These striking results have now inspired many similar projects in nations throughout the world. Research verifies that scientific knowledge and technologies are now available to end terrorism and conflict, to achieve indomitable national strength and security, and to create permanent world peace. By implementing these technologies, every government can rise to true invincibility and secure the peace and safety of its citizens. But the time to act is now.
Since the founding of the Global Union, leading scientists from many nations have stepped forward to serve as the national presidents of this new organization and to help implement peace initiatives in their countries. These scientists in many cases hold key positions of governmental authority. The Global Union is also inviting top scientists around the world to join national GUSP Advisory Boards in each country in order to build a thriving global organization with the clout to get things done. For over 50 years, the scientific community has issued vivid warnings about the catastrophic effects of thermonuclear war and has called for the abolition of nuclear weapons (see But such approaches to peace have not achieved their ultimate goal, primarily because scientists have not possessed an effective technology of peace. As a consequence, they have been forced to advocate nuclear restraint—a position that has been often overwhelmed by politicians’ perceived need for a strong nuclear deterrent. One of the key programs advocated by the Global Union of Scientists for Peace is a new, peace-based technology of defense—known as the Invincible Defense Technology—that has been evaluated by more than 50 scientific studies and confirmed to effectively prevent violence, terrorism, and war (see scientific research). Based on the most advanced understanding of human consciousness and the latest developments in physics, physiology, and neuroscience (see scientific foundations), this new approach can be immediately implemented to stop open warfare, resolve conflicts peacefully, and defuse the acute political, ethnic, and religious tensions that fuel terrorism and violence. Such an approach, by harnessing the most profound and powerful level of natural law to eliminate conflict at its basis, has the potential to render nuclear weapons irrelevant and obsolete.