The Global Country of World Peace offers lasting peace on the level of the individual, nation and world.

This is concretely achievable because it utilizes an simple but profound science and technology of consciousness to systematically develop life to its fullest expression.

UNESCO has recognized that all war begins within men’s minds. But just as thoughts and feelings give rise to action, it is the field of CONSCIOUSNESS which is most fundamental to all areas of individual and collective life.

True and lasting peace in our world family can only be realized when individual and collective consciousness reflects the unity of Nature, which holistically administers the infinite diversity of the ever-expanding universe in perfect harmony.


Fortunately, in this generation, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has restored the complete knowledge of higher states of consciousness from the Vedic tradition of India and has shown how they may be systematically developed through his programs such as Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, including Yogic Flying.

More than 6 million people of all continents, cultures, traditions and faiths have found that Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation program is easy to learn and its benefits have been extensively verified by scientific research


Over the last 50 years, progress in modern science has lead to a more progressively unified understanding of the laws of nature, culminating in the recent discovery by theoretical physics of a single, universal, unified field of intelligence at the basis of all forms and phenomona in the universe.

Because Nature’s expression of its creativity and intelligence is self-referral one can understand why the Vedic Tradition identifies this all-pervading Unified Field of Natural Law as a field of consciousness, open to human experience. Maharishi’s programs of consciousness are therefore the means to systematically enliven the unity of nature, and its perfect administration, in human awareness and constitute a direct application of the Unified Field.

Further, scientific theory and repeated empirical practice has shown that even a small group of experts in the development of consciousness can enliven the harmonizing and nourishing qualities of the Unified Field in society—so much so that stress and negativity in collective consciousness can be quietly dissolved. On this basis of conflict, terrorism and war can be eliminated and cooperation and good-will blossom.


In summary, the Global Country of World Peace technologies of consciousness promote:

• enlightenment for the individual
• invincibility for every nation
• lasting peace for the world, generation after generation

Only the Global Country of World Peace approach of developing individual and collective consciousness effectively targets the root cause of national, regional, and global conflict arising.

It is the only approach to national security and world peace that is extensively field tested and backed by rigorous scientific research. It is only on this basis of achieving a measurable effect of peace that a fertile environment for successful diplomatic and other conventional approaches can be created. It should therefore be the central component of any comprehensive approach to peace and national security.

The responsible leaders of every nation and lovers of peace everywhere are warmly invited to utilize the knowledge of the Global Country of World Peace and achieve a new era of harmony for the world family.